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Welcome to the CPA Alberta Online Resource Centre. Here you’ll find articles and resources on topics relevant to accounting and finance professionals, including disruption and innovation, cyber security, the future of the profession, accounting standards, and more.

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Links to CPA and external thought leadership on accounting and finance.

Homepage-1 Anti Money Laundering_2021-10-22_300x300

Money laundering is a global issue which is illegal, unethical and harmful. CPA Canada recognizes these threats and contributes to federal policy development.

Homepage New Artificial Intelligence Image_2021-09-21_300x300

Artificial Intelligence in a CPA World, Today and Tomorrow.

Assurance Homepage Image-1 (300x300)

Practical guidance on Canadian and International audit, review, compilation, quality management, and other standards.


Homepage New Automation Image_2021-09-21_300x300

What CPAs can do to leverage the automation revolution.


Homepage-2 Blockchain_2021-09-21_300x300

How CPAs can use the blockchain for accounting and assurance.

COVID-19 New Homepage Header_2021-04-21

CPA Canada and other external resources and services available to assist CPAs in navigating COVID-19.


Homepage-1 Cryptocurrency_2021-11-1_300x300

Cryptocurrency is a novel subject for most CPAs.

Homepage Cyber Security-4 Image_2021-04-26_300x300

Your source for tools and resources related to cybersecurity.

Homepage-2 Data Analytics_2021-09-21_300x300

Uncover Hidden Insights from Your Data to Make Data-Driven Decisions.

Homepage-2 Data Governance_2021-09-21_300x300

Learn about current and future data governance strategies and trends

Digital Transformation Homepage (300x300) 2021-04-19

"Being agile allows organizations to identify and implement digital solutions that boost productivity, reduce costs, and create value."

Homepage New Anti Racism Image_2021-04-21_300x300

Advancing workplace diversity is more important today than ever before.

ESG Homepage Image-5 (300x300)

Learn about environmental social and corporate governance the present and future.

Homepage New Ethics Image_2021-04-21_300x300

Ethics, Technology, and the Professional Accountant in the Digital Age.

Homepage-7 Financial Reporting_2021-06-25_300x300

Need help understanding recent changes to Canadian and international financial reporting requirements – IFRS, ASPE, PSAB, and ASNPO?

Foresight-New Homepage Image-1 (300x300) 2021-04-19

Learn about the Foresight Initiative on the future of the profession.

Future Focus New Homepage (300x300) 2021-04-19

Resources focused on change and innovation in response to disruption.

Homepage-2 Practice Management_2021-09-29_300x300

Practice Management Resources. As the business environment evolves, the need for greater trust, security and distinction in the marketplace has become more important than ever.

Homepage New Resource Quick Links Image 300x300

Explore further with links to other CPA web pages, and external sites and bodies.

Homepage New Strategy and ERM_2021-04-21_300x300

Publication summaries on governance (NFP and corporate) and enterprise risk management.


Tax-Available Image-5_2021-04-26_300x300

Your source for the latest Canadian tax news and updates.

Homepage- The Future of Work_2021-11-29_300x300

The future of work depends on understanding how humans work best and architecting work to align. It calls for us to move from a focus on technology to a focus on humans—supported and enabled by technology. Thus, enabling us to make work better for humans and humans better at work.


Homepage-2 Value Creation_2021-09-21_300x300

Join us as we discuss what is meant by “value creation.”

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