Strategy, Governance, and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)



Board oversight of not-for-profit collaboration: Questions for directors to ask

Download this practical guide to help you oversee your organization’s collaborative pursuits and ensure your organization’s mission advances with efficiency and effectiveness.


Improve your grip on risk governance

In today’s environment of ongoing uncertainty and pervasive risk, senior executives and boards need to govern risk in ways that not only protect assets but boost organizational performance, while being responsible to—and building trust among—stakeholders.

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Using digital tools for client due diligence

KYC: Is it time to digitalize the first line of defense? This article explores the role that digital tools can play in client acceptance and onboarding processes, as well as the future relationship. These tools can also help practitioners comply with “Know Your Client” provisions in the anti-money laundering and financial crime legislation of many countries.


Invisible Threads: Communicating Integrated Thinking

Reports on an analysis of the annual integrated reports of 14 companies. The findings show that there are opportunities in integrated thinking to help define purpose and understand value creation. However, the proliferation of reporting frameworks, recommendations and standards is making the task of writing an engaging, meaningful report more difficult.


The CAM-I Performance Management Framework: How to Evaluate and Improve Organizational Performance

Learn how to help organizations determine weaknesses in core capabilities and prioritize improvement efforts that will add the most value. These are your essential resources to effectively implement a performance management framework in an organization.

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Powering Audit Committee Outcomes

A new book exploring the relationship between audit committees and internal audit functions. It highlights leading practices and examples of how audit committees and internal auditors can work together to protect and enhance organizational value through effective processes. Published by The Institute of Internal Auditors.

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Governance for not-for-profit (NFP) organizations: Questions to ask (2nd edition)

Help the NFP organization you serve as a director be as effective and productive as possible by ensuring it has the right governance framework.

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2020 Conversations with Audit Committee Chairs

This document summarizes the feedback we received in each topic area. Please note that the PCAOB does not necessarily endorse what we heard from audit committee chairs. Rather, we present this summary in an effort to provide greater transparency into these important conversations.

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A Practical Approach to Managing Risks for Small to Medium Sized Organizations

Learn a practical approach to implementing enterprise risk management (ERM) in your organization to achieve strategic objectives in uncertain, unpredictable, and volatile times.

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Not-for-profit Governance: Summary Resource Guide

Download our handy guide for a summary of CPA Canada's not-for-profit governance resources for boards of directors, including 20 Questions series, director briefings, board bulletins, and webinars.

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Corporate Oversight and Governance: Summary Resource Guide

Download our handy guide for a summary of CPA Canada's corporate governance resources for boards, including: Framework series, 20 Questions series, director briefings, board bulletins, webinars, and the CFO series.

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