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Finance functions and robotic process automation

Transforming the finance function with RPA - explores robotic process automation technology and its capabilities, and explains its impact on the finance and accounting function. The report details RPA’s broad applicability to specific finance and accounting process areas, and explains how RPA presents a sustainable path to transforming the finance function.

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Finance functions and technology

From Mirage to Reality: Bringing Finance into Focus in a Digital World - details how advanced technologies contribute to evolving finance functions and what new skills finance professionals must gain to remain relevant. The report provides insights on how technologies, such as automation, analytics and visualizations, can improve how work is performed and how finance teams can use technologies to optimize their work.


Agile Finance Reimagined: Reimagining finance for the new normal

Discusses how some companies were already designing more agile, resilient and automated organizations before COVID-19, and explores human and organizational elements of finance transformation.


Agile Finance Reimagined: Reimagining and reforming the business

Sets out the critical strategies CFOs and finance organizations must adopt to reimagine their business for past-COVID-19 success.

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Technology Resources for CPAs

Keep your digital skills current and help drive value in your workplace with our tech resources, covering areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, crypto-assets, and data analytics.


How could automation and AI change the CPA’s role?

(September 2020): Explore our resources covering the potential impact of automation and AI on the accounting profession, how it could affect the audit and finance functions, and ways it could transform the way you work.

What auditors should know about attestation and direct engagements

(Mar. 2020): Find out the answers to frequently asked questions related to the application of CSAE 3000 and CSAE 3001. These standards relate to assurance engagements on which reasonable or limited assurance is required, other than audits or reviews of historical financial information.p>

TCFD Guide for Cities

(Mar. 2020): Cities are on the front line of climate change impacts. Learn how climate-related information can support municipal stakeholders with short-term budgeting, long-term capital planning and enhance the usefulness of a city's public financial reports.

Concerns Over OECD’s Digital Tax Proposals

(Feb. 2020): The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) consulted the international tax community on proposals for taxing digital transactions, and CPA Canada contributed our suggestions. Find out how the OECD responded in its latest statement.


Annual Reporting for Not-for-Profits

(Feb. 2020): Learn how not-for-profit organizations (NFPOs) can prepare high-quality annual reports that enhance transparency and accountability to their stakeholders.

Tax Resources for CPAs (January 2020)

Alberta Securities Commission 2019 Corporate Finance Disclosure Report (January 2020)

Five game changers that could shape the future of work (December 2019)

Technology spotlights: Learn about technology trends (December 2019)

World Energy Outlook 2019 (November 2019)

Performance measurement for non-profit organizations (NPOs): Guideline (November 2019)

Accounting for Sustainability (A4S): Social and human capital accounting (November 2019)

Taxing cryptocurrencies: GST/HST proposals raise concerns (October 2019)

Women and leadership: How to overcome roadblocks (October 2019)

Cybersecurity: Is it on your radar? (September 2019)

Actions needed to adopt technology and enhance the value of the audit (August 2019)

Benchmarking study on the state of enterprise risk management (ERM) in Canada (August 2019)

Can you measure the impact of mental health programs at work?” (July 2019)

Six Tools to “Be the Disruption” (June 2019)

Tax resources for CPAs (June 2019)

Bridging the Global Infrastructure Gap (June 2019)

Scenario Planning (June 2019)

Investor interviews on climate disclosure and decision-making: Key findings (May 2019)

A framework for information integrity controls (May 2019)

Is your company hiring gig economy workers? Then read this. (April 2019)

Anti-money laundering and other illegal and unethical conduct (April 2019)

Adoption of IFRS 16: Non-GAAP Financial Measures and Reserves Reporting Considerations (April 2019)

Six CPAs living the Canadian ideal of good business (April 2019)

Insight and Analysis of the 2019 Federal Budget (March 2019)

A CPA's Introduction to AI: From Algorithms to Deep Learning - What You Need to Know (February 2019)

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence – The Future of Accounting and Finance (February 2019)

The Future of Professionalism: Video Series (February 2019)

Guide: Reporting Implications of Canadian Auditing Standards (CAS), 3rd Edition (February 2019)

20 Questions Directors of Not-for-Profit Organizations Should Ask about Human Resources (January 2019)

On the Radar: The Business Impact of Environmental and Social Issues (January 2019)

Audit and Assurance in the Future (November 2018)

Auditor’s responses to assessed risks in audits of entities that hold crypto-assets (October 2018)

Spotlight on Alternative Data: Artificial Intelligence Has Entered the Field of Investing: What are the implications of reporting? (September 2018)

Roundtable report: Positioning Canada to lead in a digital and data-driven economy (September 2018)


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