Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

How can CPAs protect public interest in the AI era?

There are many ethical dimensions to new technologies. The future of the accounting profession will continue to entail the protection of public interest and making morally justifiable decisions while accessing and maintaining data.

What is AI’s role in accounting?

AI is going to be like a colleague whom we refer to support our analyses, but also one we're going to challenge and question.

New podcast series shows how CPAs can future-proof the accounting profession

This podcast brings to light evolving technological and social business changes and their effect on the accounting profession. As newfound opportunities and challenges begin to emerge, we ask CPAs—are you prepared for what's coming?

AI and machine learning for complex business decision-making

This six-part series of 10-minute reads illustrates the versatility and ubiquity of new digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and spotlight CPAs’ changing competencies and emerging opportunities in this area.

Michio Kaku on cities, AI, brain net, fusion power, digital immortality and more

In this exclusive segment, we present a very special guest, Dr. Michio Kaku. A theoretical physicist, renowned futurist, best-selling author and acclaimed public speaker, he’s been featured in and starred in several science programs for TV on the Discovery Channel, the Science Channel, and the History Channel.

Igniting AI curiosity

The AI Institute is Deloitte’s forum to showcase and advocate for everything to do with artificial intelligence (AI). It helps our clients, Deloitte practitioners and eco-system partners start or scale AI capabilities. It provides thought leadership and enablers on AI risks and applications, guiding us towards a world where man-machine teams create a better tomorrow for all.

Can you trust artificial intelligence?

Why organizations must develop ethical AI in order to compete in today’s automated world.

Transparency begins with disclosure. By stating a fact you feel someone must know before connecting with them, you demonstrate integrity.

Fraud and Emerging Technology

Fraud and Emerging Tech: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning examines the implications of AI and machine learning for mitigating fraud risk. The report includes examples of how these technologies can be used to detect and prevent bribery and corruption, expense fraud, third-party risk (e.g., involving background checks and other due diligence data) and vendor fraud (e.g. involving fake invoices)

Published by Anti-Fraud Collaboration, whose members are the Center for Audit Quality, Financial Executives International, The Institute of Internal Auditors and the National Association of Corporate Directors.

Building the AI-Powered Organization

Artificial intelligence is reshaping business—though not at the blistering pace many assume. True, AI is now guiding decisions on everything from crop harvests to bank loans, and once pie-in-the-sky prospects such as totally automated customer service are on the horizon. The technologies that enable AI, like development platforms and vast processing power and data storage, are advancing rapidly and becoming increasingly affordable. The time seems ripe for companies to capitalize on AI. Indeed, we estimate that AI will add $13 trillion to the global economy over the next decade.

Accountants can only gain from AI, say experts

Will robots replace CPAs? The short answer is no, if we learn to embrace artificial intelligence and the opportunities it presents. Here's how you can gear up for the future.

CPAs, find your own fit with coding, experts say

Expertise will depend on your role, level of seniority and career trajectory.

A CPAs Introduction to AI - From Algorithms to Deep Learning

Learn the fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI) in the first of a planned series of publications to explore AI and its impact on the CPA profession. In collaboration with the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), CPA Canada has issued this publication, A CPA's Introduction to AI: From algorithms to deep learning, what you need to know, as a foundational resource for all CPAs. It explains the AI "buzzwords" and terms you have likely been hearing (e.g. machine learning, deep learning, robotic process automation, computer vision, etc.), discusses the evolution of data, AI and computing power, and helps you to begin learning about AI and how it might impact your work.

How are Big Data and AI Transforming Accounting and Finance

The potent combination of big data and artificial intelligence is set to transform the way we work. Learn more from a CPA's perspective on how these disruptors may impact traditional accounting and finance roles.

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