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The Fast Future With IFAC Podcast Series: Episode One to Five 

The Fast Future With IFAC is a conversational podcast series that features innovative SMPs sharing how they’re adapting to the rapidly changing global economy.

 CPA Firm Top Ten Technologies

For many years the AICPA brought together CPAs from a multitude of disciplines, business types, and technological backgrounds to identify, evaluate, and debate the technologies having the most significant impact on the accounting profession, culminating in the AICPA publishing their annual Top Technologies list. For this month’s article, we are harkening back to that era and providing the “CPA firm top ten” technologies that should be utilized by today’s accounting firms.

IAASB - Quality Management

The IAASB has raised the bar for quality management.

Three new and revised standards strengthen and modernize the audit firm’s approach to quality management. Through the standards, the IAASB is addressing an evolving and increasingly complex audit ecosystem, including growing stakeholder expectations and a need for quality management systems that are proactive and adaptable.

Implementation tool for practitioners: New quality management standards

Learn about the components of a system of quality management, what this means for your firm and steps to take to implement the new Canadian Standards on Quality Management.

Insights on Small Firm Specialization with an Enhanced Focus on Business Advisory Services

In recent years there has been an enhanced focus on small- and medium-sized practices (SMPs) providing business advisory services and the opportunities available to expand such services. It is recognized that for many SMPs most of their revenue is generated by traditional compliance services, including accounting, audit, and taxation, but with advancements in technology and repetitive tasks being increasingly automated, there’s greater scope for firms to analyze data and offer strategic advice to clients.

Welcome to the Fast Future

The Practice Transformation Action Plan – A Roadmap to the Future highlights key areas and initiatives for SMPs as trusted advisers to small- and medium-sized entities (SMEs).

Guide to Practice Management for Small- and Medium-Sized Practices

Welcome to the fourth edition of the IFAC Guide to Practice Management for Small- and Medium-Sized Practices.

SMP Pacesetters Embracing Technology

In many countries Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are the growth engine of the economy. In the dynamic world in which we live the needs of this sector in terms of business planning and supporting growth are increasingly served by the digitalized Small and Medium Sized accountancy practice – the SMP community. The role of this community is evolving into a more advisory role that takes advantage of the technology and data that is increasingly available. This provides significant opportunities for both the practice and its clients.

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