Data Analytics

Data Analytics

The CFO Imperative: How do you transform data into insight?

Finance talent and data analytics could be key to driving ESG transparency and enhanced reporting.

The Professional Accountant's Role in Data

As economies digitize, organizations of all sizes across sectors face enormous disruption and opportunity. Professional accountants must expand their approach to include both structured and unstructured datasets to support organizations in making insight-driven decisions.

Why CPAs are on the frontlines in the battle against bad data 

As the world generates more and more information, accountants occupy a unique role in ensuring it remains reliable and trustworthy.

CPAs have to understand how to talk data in the real world

CPA Canada’s Techathon 2021 was an opportunity for accountants—as well as students and professionals from other disciplines—to build on their data skills and use technical tools that have real world applications

How CPAs can prepare for handling the big data world

Successfully analyzing major data sets may mean brushing up on current skills—and learning some new ones, too.

A Five Step Approach to Data Driven Decision Making.

This guideline discusses emerging industry trends and challenges as well as opportunities that require organizations to manage big data and turn insights into data-driven decision-making.

Overcoming FP&A’s Biggest Challenge: Predicting the Future (Institute of Management Accountants)

The Institute of Management Accountants released a report that “is designed to serve as a guide for organizations trying to forecast what’s ahead in their markets”. It poses and expands on these 9 ways to improve forecasting in the future:

CPA Alberta PD Offerings - Data Analytics Innovation and Technology Seminars March 2021

New learning options are continuously being added to CPA Alberta's Professional Development program. Visit the PD Portal regularly for the most current information and updated.

Analytics Starts by Asking the Right Questions

Prepared by Sam Heidari, Data Scientist, CPA Alberta

The Role of Professional Accountants in Data

The explosion of data through the global economy creates challenges and opportunities for professional accountants and others who are being called on to oversee, manage, and measure the value of data.

Navigating Data Analytics

Analytics can make or break your bottom line. Learn how to harness the power of data science to enhance business intelligence and deliver precise, high-quality insights to your stakeholders.

An Inside Look at How Auditors in Canada are Using Data Analytics

Find out what auditors from nine public accounting firms are saying about their experiences in applying data analytics to their financial statement audit engagements and how others can leverage their insights.

Data Management Certificate

Data is changing the way businesses navigate risk and opportunity through periods of economic uncertainty. Harness the power of data and turn it into meaningful insights for strategic decision-making in this five-course online program.

New Certificate in Data Analytics Introduced

The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants introduced a new Data Analytics Core Concepts Certificate to help accounting and financial professionals acquire new skills as data analytics becomes a critical tool for

Data and Analytics (D&A) in Audit

KPMG in Canada’s audit data analytics help provide financial assurance and improve risk management, decision making and audit effectiveness.



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