Learn more about Foresight: Reimagining the Profession and access the final report document “The Way Forward”.

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Your invitation to join online community of CPAs

Did you know there's a place online where CPAs are having insightful discussions to shape the future of the profession? Here's your chance to join a community of accountants and participate in conversations and quick polls on mastering data, measuring and estimating an organization's value, and rebuilding Canada's economy. Join the conversation, today!

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What’s next for the profession? Foresight initiative makes urgent case for change

There’s an urgent case for the accounting profession to embrace change or risk falling behind, losing relevance, and being replaced by competitors. Learn more about how “CPA Canada Foresight: Reimagining the Profession” sets a new strategic direction for the profession. 

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Scenario Videos

Four future scenarios framed as newscasts spanning the years 2012 to 2030, designed to promote discussion. Scenarios are differentiated on decision-making extremes of individual advantage vs. cooperation for the common good, and of resistance to vs. embrace of technological and social change. Videos focus on possible world challenges and likely actions and outcomes resulting from decision-making priorities.

Text summaries of the scenario videos are available to download in PDF format:

  1. My Way
  2. Tech Titans
  3. Phoenix Rising
  4. Slow and Steady
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Drivers of Change

Plan today to manage tomorrow. What are the key challenges and opportunities for the Canadian and global business community, and what dialogue should organizations start today for navigating to a prosperous future?  


Developing Robust Strategy for Uncertain Times

The vast majority of companies survive only short periods, but some manage to survive, prosper and grow over the long term by delivering excellence in the present time frame while at the same time designing adaptive business strategy to protect the future.

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