Evaluating the information reliability of automated processes

How do you consider information reliability when using automated tools and techniques? What about the information produced by the entity? Find answers on designing and performing audit procedures to obtain sufficient appropriate audit evidence here.

Recent guidance on using automated tools and techniques (ATT) in the audit

New to using ATT in audits? Wondering how to use ATT appropriately for risk assessment, audit procedures or what to document? Find a summary of recent Canadian and International resources here.

Harnessing digitization and automation to reimagine energy

The energy industry has long been at the forefront of adopting advanced technologies for a range of applications, and digitization continues at a rapid pace across the energy value chain today. Recent advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, big data and cloud computing, together with advanced sensing techniques, will facilitate better monitoring, security and management of the oil and gas industry; this in turn will lead to higher productivity, reduced costs and enhanced safety.

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