Cybersecurity Is Critical for all Organizations – Large and Small

In today’s computerized world, new risks emerge every hour of every day. Connecting to the Internet opens up the possibility of a hacker targeting your organization. Cybercrime is becoming big business and cyber risk a focus of organizations and governments globally. Monetary and reputational risks are high if organizations don’t have an appropriate cybersecurity plan.

The most outlandish recent scams

A catalogue of the latest cons in the cryptocurrency world.

CPA Alberta PD Seminars – Cybersecurity and Risk Mitigation

New learning options are continuously being added to CPA Alberta's Professional Development program. Visit the PD Portal regularly for the most current information and updates.

Mind the Gap: 3 Ways Corporate Directors Can Improve Their Cyber Fluency

As the stakes continue to increase and boards look to get more involved, here are three things directors can do to become more fluent in the company’s cyber strategy.

CPA Guide on Best Practices in I.T. Use

This guide is a first step towards managing information technology use for CPAs. If you use a computer, smartphone, email or cloud service, you are exposed to risks that require mitigation measures. Here we highlight security issues related to daily IT use and present best practices for managing such use, taking into account CPAs’ ethical and regulatory obligations.
Run a Cyber-Safe Business - Government of Canada

Within seconds, cyber criminals could tear down the small business you've built from the ground up. The following actions provided by the Government of Canada will help strengthen your defenses, and keep cyber criminals on the outside looking in.
Establishing a risk management program and reassessing disclosure practices

Learn about considerations for the management of all entities in developing a cyber security risk management program, and obtain an update on the current disclosure environment for registrants and reporting issuers.
Cybersecurity risks and incidents: Reassessing your disclosure practices

This reporting alert provides an update of recently issued guidance by Canadian securities regulators on the disclosure of cyber security risks and incidents.

Cybersecurity: Is it on Your Radar?

This bulletin provides valuable insights into five pressing cybersecurity and privacy themes directors must be aware of to help them oversee modern cyber risks. The threats to IT, such as customer data theft, are well publicized. However, directors should understand that many parallel cybersecurity threats are facing their companies' operations as well.

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