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Welcome to the CPA Alberta Online Resource Centre. Here you’ll find articles and resources on topics relevant to accounting and finance professionals, including disruption and innovation, cyber security, the future of the profession, accounting standards, and more.

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Links to CPA and external thought leadership on accounting and finance.

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6 Expert Negotiation Tips for Women and Racialized Groups

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Practical guidance to the new compilation standard.

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CPA Alberta and CPA Canada has a number of resources and services available to assist CPAs.

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Your source for tools and resources related to cybersecurity.

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“Being agile allows organizations to identify and implement digital solutions that boost productivity and reduce costs.”

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Learn about environmental social and corporate governance the present and future.

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Ethics, Technology, and the Professional Accountant in the Digital Age.

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Need help understanding recent changes to Canadian financial reporting requirements?

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Learn about the Foresight Initiative on the future of the profession.

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Resources focused on change and innovation in response to disruption.

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Explore further with links to other CPA web pages, and external sites and bodies.

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Publication summaries on Audit, IFRS, ASPE, and Governance (NFP and Corporate).


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Your source for the latest Canadian tax news and updates.

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Join us as we discuss what is meant by “value creation.”

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