Do volunteer hours count towards my CPD?

Volunteer or pro-bono work may only qualify as CPD learning if it meets the criteria of a learning activity. The member must assess the hours spent and determine if there was relevant learning activities relating to their professional roles and responsibilities. Certain volunteer hours, such as coaching a hockey team would not be considered eligible learning activity.

When considering volunteer or pro-bono work as a CPD learning activity, it is important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did you learn something while doing this activity?
  • Does the learning activity contain significant intellectual or practical content?
  • Is the learning activity directly related to the competencies needed to continue your employment or practice?
  • Is the learning activity relevant to your current professional needs and/or long-term career interests?
  • Is the learning activity quantifiable (expressed in terms of a specific time range)?

If the answer is yes, it may meet the learning activity criteria.

Please keep in mind that a verifiable learning activity is defined as a measurable learning activity that can be verified objectively. If the volunteer activity cannot be objectively verified, it may be used as unverifiable hours, provided that it meets the other criteria as outlined above. More information regarding verifiable vs. unverifiable hours can be found here.

If the activity does not meet all the criteria listed above, it cannot be used for either verifiable or unverifiable activities.

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