CPA Alberta gratefully acknowledges the support of the following organizations:

CPA Insurance Plans West Logo

CPAIPW provides insurance and other benefit programs to CPA firms, individuals and their spouses and students in Western Canada. It offers a full line of exclusive insurance products including term life up to $2 million, long-term disability up to $10,000/month, and critical illness coverage for heart disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis and other serious diseases.

Just for CPAs:

  • Highly competitive rates
  • Coverage independent of employment
  • Benefit from group purchasing power
  • Term life can be used as cost-effective mortgage insurance
  • LTD policy holders have access to counseling services
  • Plans for employees of CPA firms including extended health and dental benefits
  • International coverage
  • Customized home and tenant insurance (and Auto in Alberta)

Visit the CPAIPW website at www.cpaipw.ca for more information or to download an application form, or call 1.800.661.6430.

Amplify Advisors logoAmplify Advisors focuses on providing financial strategy for growing businesses. Our purpose is to enhance communities, amplify opportunities and cultivate connections. Clients work with us to access business leadership for growth and profit and they scale their business with our team and technology. Amplify provides Finance Leader services, including Fractional CFO, Fractional Controller and Accounting Services. We have a Recruiting service line that focusses on placing temporary and permanent accounting and finance professionals including CPA’s. AmplifyTech is also an Oracle NetSuite Solutions provider and we license and implement the #1 Cloud ERP for our clients. In addition to the above, we also provide various consulting services to the accounting and finance departments of various sized companies.
Recuitment Partners logo

From humble beginnings across the founding partner’s kitchen table in 2011, Recruitment Partners has rapidly grown into Alberta’s premiere recruitment firm of choice to businesses of all sizes.

With a vision to disrupt an often short-term oriented industry, Recruitment Partners was determined to offer a more personalized level of service, and longer-term oriented strategy.

Built upon its guiding values of reputation, professionalism and integrity, a continued commitment to relationship-based marketing approach, Recruitment Partners truly aims to make a difference in the world of professional recruitment.

Recruitment Partners is proud to offer superior recruitment services in both Edmonton and Calgary.

Reynolds Mirth logoReynolds Mirth is a dynamic Edmonton-based law firm and we are proud to support CPA Alberta.

We provide high caliber legal representation to businesses, public bodies and individual clients. We have been a client-driven law firm for over a hundred years, with deep knowledge and experience in our chosen areas of practice.

We take an intellectual approach to the law and engage critically with every matter. While we embrace issues in all their complexity, our advice is always clear and pragmatic.

Learn about our services and how we can help you.

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