Membership Resignation

As a member of CPA Alberta, it’s important to understand the resignation process and options before choosing to resign. 

Below are steps to complete the process. You can also review some helpful information, here.

Resignation Process

Resignation is the formal cessation of a CPA membership while in good standing. This means once a member’s resignation is approved, they are no longer a designated accountant in Alberta and will not be able to use or display the CPA designation (or any legacy designation), represent themselves as a CPA (or any legacy designation) to the public in Alberta, or receive access to CPA Alberta's membership benefits and services, including the CPA Insurance Plans West Benefits Program.

To complete the resignation process, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the resignation request form and submit to
  2. Return all Alberta membership certificate(s) issued. This includes the CPA and legacy certificates (provincial and national) that have been issued.
  3. Return all Alberta membership cards issued (if any). This affects members holding the legacy CGA designation.
  4. If, in addition to membership, the applicant holds a registration of a professional accounting firm (PAF) or professional corporation (PC), these registrations must be properly ceased prior to CPA Alberta accepting the resignation. For additional information about ceasing the registration of a PAF click here, and for information about ceasing a PC, click here.
  5. A member cannot be in arrears for payment of fees, levies, fines, costs or any penalties. In order to avoid penalties, please ensure all documentation is received by the CPA Alberta prior to the published penalty assessment deadlines.

Once all these requirements have been submitted, the resignation application will be reviewed and approved by CPA Alberta. Until approval, the applicant is still considered a member of CPA Alberta and is subject to the ongoing requirements and obligations of membership.

Additional Options

Alternatives are also available to members who are looking to retire or are moving to another province. 

Members who are fully retired or permanently withdrawn from the workforce, are not required to resign their CPA Alberta membership.

Learn the requirements to maintain your membership during Retirement.

Alberta CPAs who are moving to another province and will be working and/or representing themselves as a CPA, should contact the local CPA body to gain more information about obtaining a CPA membership. CPA designations within any particular province is controlled by local legislation. A member's CPA Alberta registration cannot be transferred to another province.

A member must decide whether to:

  • resign from one provincial body and obtain their CPA membership in the next; or
  • obtain CPA memberships from both provinces. 

If you decide to obtain a CPA designation from a new province and maintain your CPA Alberta membership, please notify CPA Alberta when you have successful received your extra-provincial membership. 

Maintaining a CPA membership in more than one province, reduces the fees paid to the provincial body where you don’t work or reside (i.e. affiliate fees). To adjust your annual fees, you are encouraged to promptly notify CPA Alberta of any additional CPA memberships. 

For more information on moving provinces, click here


If have any questions about the resignations process or additional options, please contact

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