Reporting Non-comply or Failure to Report

Reporting Non-Comply:

In some situations you may find that, despite your best efforts, you were not able to meet the CPD requirements – in these situations, it’s important that you declare “non-comply”. You may be in non-compliance for the current reporting year, or possibly for just the 3-year rolling total, or maybe for both.

If a declaration of non-comply is made, you will be asked to provide information regarding your plan to bring yourself into compliance by the end of the next reporting period. The information provided must include:

  • reason(s) why the minimum CPD requirements were not met;
  • written plan (including timeline) to bring CPD back into compliance;
  • listing of verifiable and unverifiable learning activities; and
  • any extenuating circumstances that may prevent you from reaching full CPD compliance.

It is important to fully consider all CPD learning activities for the current and prior two reporting years, and make a truthful and accurate declaration. Think about all of the learning you may have accomplished over the past 3 years and determine whether it is verifiable or unverifiable. If you are unsure if you meet the requirements, or if an activity can be credited towards CPD, you should contact CPA Alberta for assistance. It’s important that you reflect on your CPD and make an informed assessment and declaration.

If a false declaration is made (for example a member declares “comply” when in fact they did not comply with the CPD requirements), you will be immediately referred to the Registration Committee. The Committee may suspend, cancel or place conditions on the membership.

Failure to report CPD:

  • Failure to report CPD will result in financial penalties and the subsequent suspension and cancellation of your membership.
  • Those members who fail to report CPD by March 1 of each year will be issued a penalty of $150.
  • Failure to report and pay the penalty within 30 days will result in the member being suspended.
  • Failure to report CPD and pay penalties within 60 days of suspension will result in the membership being cancelled and ineligibility for continuing registration.

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