CPD Exemptions

All members are required to make a CPD Declaration annually, regardless of any previously declared exemptions relating to Continuing Professional Development. A member is eligible to make an annual exemption declaration for one of the following reasons:

Permanently withdrawn from work force:

  • Permanently withdrawn from gainful employment for the entire year, such that active earnings from all types of employment or business are nil and there is no reliance by a third party on your competencies as a CPA.
  • Examples of third party reliance are: serving on a Board or similar body, volunteer role which involved signing financial statements, Chair of an organization.

NOTE: If you withdraw from the workforce during the year, you still have a full CPD requirement, regardless of how long you worked during the year.

For more information on retirement and CPD requirements please click here.

Health exemption:

  • Significant health concerns (member or immediate family) with 15 weeks continuous leave from workforce;

Maternity/Paternal leave

  • When leave spans over two reporting years, member may choose the year in which they wish to take the exemption;

New graduate

  • Exemption granted until December 31 of the year of admission.
  • The three-year rolling cycle requirement will begin the third year after the year of admission.

A member who has declared exempt for more than thirty-six (36) consecutive months must, upon transition to full CPD status, submit a CPD plan that will develop the current competencies necessary to support their transition to full CPD status. 

If you are unsure if you qualify for one of these exemptions, review the Exemption Matrix:

View the Exemption Matrix
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