Registering as a Member

Note: All applicants must provide proof of legal name. Please upload a legal document such as a driver's license, passport or birth certificate with your notarized application.

There are currently three pathways to register as a CPA in Alberta:

1. Graduate of CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) 

Individuals who have successfully completed the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) and passed the Common Final Examination (CFE), and have fulfilled the required practical experience component, can complete the application form online. 

If you are a PEP graduate and have not yet received notification that your practical experience has been reviewed and is deemed complete, do not complete your application. You must have completed all necessary requirements (education and practical experience) prior to completing the application for membership. 

Please review the instructions here before continuing.

Note: When asked to supply your CPA Canada number please use the CPAWSB student number adding the letter C to the beginning.

2. Membership by Provincial Affiliation

Individuals who currently hold a CPA designation in another Canadian province and who are representing themselves as CPAs in the province of Alberta are required to register as a member with CPA Alberta.

Please review the instructions here before continuing. 

3. Internationally Designated Individual

Foreign-designated professionals who are members of an accounting body that currently have an RMA or MRA agreement with CPA Alberta. For more information, including the international accounting bodies that qualify, click here.

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