You’ve worked a long time as a CPA and are now contemplating retirement. Learn the requirements to maintain your membership during retirement.

Note: As a member of CPA Alberta while retired, you are subject to ongoing requirements and obligations of membership.

Pay member fees

Member fees are billed annually for the upcoming fiscal year on April 1. Payment is due by May 31.

You are eligible for a reduction in member fees if you do not anticipate being gainfully employed for the calendar year, such that gross active earnings* from all types of employment, business, real estate rentals, professional corporations and directors’ fees from both accounting and non-accounting related sources will not exceed $40,000.

When annual member fees are billed, make one of the following reduction requests in the Member Portal:

  • Partial waiver of fees (75%) – I declare that I am not gainfully employed such that gross active earnings from all types of employment or business will not exceed $40,000 for the calendar year. An annual declaration is required for this waiver.

  • Full waiver of fees (100%) – I declare that I am permanently withdrawn from gainful employment such that gross active earnings from all types of employment or business are nil for the calendar year. One-time declaration is required for this waiver; however, should circumstances change, you are required to contact CPA Alberta.

*More information on “gross active earnings” can be found here.

Required Annual Declaration of CPD

All members, regardless of employment status, are required to make an annual CPD declaration every calendar year. Declarations are due by March 1 of the following year.

As a retired member, you must report your CPD declaration annually, even if declaring an exemption. Failure to report your CPD declaration will result in penalties, and possible suspension or cancellation. It is important to note that, while every member must make a CPD declaration each year, not everyone must participate in CPD learning activities.

To determine if you are required to participate in CPD learning activities, please review our CPD Exemptions webpage to determine if you qualify. It is important to note that the CPD exemption criteria changed effective January 1, 2022; therefore it is important to review the criteria that applies to the respective reporting year. 

Find more information on CPD Reporting.

Keep Updated Contact Information

Ensure your contact information remains current and up to date with CPA Alberta. Update your preferences and contact information in the Member Portal.

Benefits of maintaining membership while retired

As a retired member of CPA Alberta, you will continue to receive membership benefits and services such as:

  • Access to the CPA Assist Program.
  • CPA Insurance Plans West Benefit (CPAIPW) Program coverage - an individual must be a member of a western provincial body in order to have coverage with the CPA Insurance Plans West Benefit Program.
  • Receive copies of the CPA Alberta’s Dividends and CPA Canada’s Pivot magazines.
  • Stay informed and participate in CPA Alberta events such as the Elevate Awards Gala, CEO Town Halls, and the Chair’s Long Service Awards etc.
  • Retain your membership certificate(s).
  • If you qualify for one of the member fee waivers, you may also be eligible for the Reduced Fee Savings Program for professional development courses. We offer seminars on topics that are relevant for individuals approaching retirement or who are already retired.

Another option: resignation from membership

Resignation is the formal cessation of a CPA membership while in good standing. Once a member’s resignation is approved, they are no longer a designated accountant in Alberta and will not be able to use or display the CPA designation (or any legacy designation), represent themselves as a CPA (or any legacy designation) to the public in Alberta.

If you wish to resign your membership and be released from all reporting requirements, you must submit the resignation request form to resign from membership in Alberta. The full steps to complete the member resignation process is found on Member Resignation.

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