New CPA Alberta Member

Newly designated members

If you received your designation within this reporting year, you have an exemption until December 31 of this year (your admission year). You must still submit a declaration selecting new member exemption for both the current and three-year rolling.

You will have a full reporting requirement for the next reporting year, and you must meet your three-year rolling requirement in the third year following your admission year.

For further information on the three-year rolling requirement, please click here.

Members designated in another province.

As a new member to CPA Alberta, but not a newly designated member, you are not eligible for the new member exemption. Your CPD requirement is based on your original membership date.

The CPD annual requirement of 20 hours, of which 10 must be verifiable, and the three year rolling requirement of 120 hours, of which 60 must be verifiable is consistent across all provincial bodies. Therefore, if you met the requirements for your originating provincial body, you may meet the requirements of CPA Alberta.

For example: you are a full member with CPA ON and an affiliate member with CPA Alberta. You must meet the CPD requirements and make a declaration to both provincial bodies.

RMA/MRA members

If you gained membership to CPA Alberta through one of the Reciprocal Membership Agreements (RMA) or Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA), you do not qualify for the new member exemption. All RMA/MRA organizations as well as CPA Alberta follow the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) criteria of CPD. Therefore, any CPD you took to meet your originating body requirements may meet the requirements of CPA Alberta. Your CPD requirement is based on your original membership date with the RMA/MRA body.

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