Readmission to Membership

For those who previously resigned in good standing or due to administrative cancellation, if you want to be readmitted to membership, you must meet the requirements listed below to apply.

If you have had your registration cancelled under Part 5 (Complaints Inquiry Process) or Part 7 (Appeals and Court Enforcement of Decisions) of the CPA Act (or similar section in a legacy Act), there are additional requirements you must fulfill if you seek re-registration. If this applies to you, please contact the CPA Alberta Registrar at for additional information regarding the re-registration process.

Resignation in Good Standing

If you resigned in good standing and have not maintained membership in another Canadian provincial accounting body, please review these requirements for readmission.

Re-registration Application and Fee

A CPA Alberta membership application must be completed online. All applicants seeking re-registration must pay a non-refundable administration fee of $250 (plus GST) at the time of application.

Other Fee and Education Requirements

The following table outlines the fee and education requirements.

Time since resignation or cancellation Re-Registration Fee1 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Education Requirements
0-12 months Current membership fee Evidence of CPD meeting annual and 3-year rolling total requirements.
13-36 months $3,000 Evidence of successful completion of CPA Canada's CPARPD course or a course of study deemed  substantially equivalent; and written 3-year CPD plan designed to build the competencies that are necessary to support the activities in which applicant will engage.
37-72 months $6,000
73-96 months $9,000
97-120 months $12,000
> 10 years $12,000 Capstone II of the CPA professional education program plus successful completion of the Common Final Examination (CFE).
> 15 years $0 Successful completion of the entire CPA professional education program, including CFE.

1 An additional $1,000 surcharge will be assessed on any applicant seeking re-registration after having been cancelled for any reason other than resignation in good standing.

Experience Requirements

In the five years prior to applying for re-registration, if you have not been a member of a Canadian provincial accounting body, you are required to provide information pertaining to your employment, business, professional roles, skills, competencies and activities, since the cancellation of membership. This information may be provided in a résumé or similar documentation.

The Registrar or Registration Committee may request third party verification of experience, competencies, and information provided.

Re-registration Review

In rare circumstances, whole or partial exemption from the re-registration criteria may be considered by the Registration Committee (i.e. in situations outside of the applicant’s control).

These requests must be provided to the Committee in writing, outlining circumstances surrounding and provide reasons to support it. Evidence may also be presented for consideration by the Committee. All exemption requests will be considered on an individual case basis.

Conditions and Restrictions Upon Registration

In accordance with the CPA Act and governing authorities, the Registrar or Registration Committee may impose conditions or restrictions on an applicant’s registration.

If you are ready to apply, please click the button below to review the instructions before beginning your application.

Re-admission to Membership Application Process Instructions

Administrative Cancellation

If your CPA Alberta membership was previously cancelled for administrative reasons (e.g. non-payment of fees, failure to report CPD, failure to make character and reputation declaration, etc) and you did not maintain membership in another Canadian provincial accounting body, you must meet all the requirements in the Resignation in Good Standing section and the following requirements.

Additional Fee Requirement

In addition to the $250 in fees outlined in the Resignation in Good Standing section, an additional $1,000 surcharge will be required from applicants seeking re-registration.

Character and Reputation

When completing the online application, you are required to answer “yes” to the character and reputation question asking whether the applicant has been “involuntarily removed from the register of the professional regulatory organization”. As a result of this response, you are required to provide additional information regarding the cancellation and arrange to have three reference letters provided to CPA Alberta.

Member Certificate(s)

All membership certificates (legacy and CPA) must have previously been returned to the CPA Alberta (or one of its legacy bodies). If the applicant’s membership certificates were not returned at the time of cancellation, the certificates must be provided to CPA Alberta prior to application for re-registration. If a membership certificate is lost or destroyed, a declaration attesting to its loss must be submitted in lieu of the certificate–contact CPA Alberta Registrations team to obtain the declaration form. A new membership certificate will be issued upon approval of re-registration.

If you are ready to apply, please click the button below to review the instructions before beginning your application.

If you have any questions, please contact

Application Instructions
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