Membership by Provincial Affiliation

If you currently hold a CPA designation in another Canadian province or territory and want to represent yourself as a CPA in the province of Alberta, you are required to register as a member with CPA Alberta.

Application Requirements

You may apply for membership by completing the following:

  • Provincial Body Confirmation Form: The provincial verification form must be signed by the applicant and submitted to your provincial body for completion. After completion of the form, the provincial body must provide the form directly to CPA Alberta through You may submit an application before your provincial body sends the confirmation to CPA Alberta. However, your application will be considered incomplete until the confirmation is received.
  • Online submission of a complete application that has been notarized by a notary public or commissioner of oaths.
  • Provide evidence of Canadian citizenship or that you are lawfully permitted to work in Canada (ie: Canadian passport, birth certificate, citizenship card or certificate, driver’s license, permanent resident card or work permit).
  • Payment of the prescribed fees. This includes your prorated Annual Member Fee. For information on the CPA Alberta Fee Schedule, please click here.
  • Provide additional evidence as requested and satisfactory to the Registrar.

If you are ready to apply, please click the button below to review the instructions before beginning your application.

If you have any questions, please contact

Application Instructions

Alternative Documentation

In circumstances where required documents are not obtainable for reasons beyond your control, applicants can take steps to explore alternative documentation. Requests to consider alternative documents are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact for more information prior to submitting your application.


Once we have received a complete application and related documents, processing time takes two to three weeks. Once the Registrar has reviewed your application, you will receive an email stating the outcome. You are not permitted to promote yourself as a CPA member in the province of Alberta until your application has been approved.

Appeal Rights

An applicant whose application for registration is approved subject to conditions, whose registration is deferred or whose application is refused by the registrar or the registration committee may, within 30 days after being given a copy of the decision, appeal to an Appeal Tribunal. A notice of appeal must explain what is being appealed, why the appeal is being made, and what results are sought from the appeal.

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