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Your job search just got a little easier.

Finding a job in today’s market can be challenging, especially as recruitment processes evolve.

Having a strong job search strategy and sharp writing and interviewing skills for today’s context can help you reach your career goals sooner.

To support CPAs and candidates in their career success, CPA Alberta has used the latest research to create three easy-to-follow and comprehensive guides and handbooks, including:

  • Job Search Strategy Exercise Workbook
  • Cover Letter and Résumé Writing Handbook
  • Interview Preparation Guide

CPA Alberta also offers CPA Build© – a new, self-directed career reflection and future-readiness program (free for Alberta CPAs) to ensure you’re ready for change, especially for your own career demands and aspirations.

Take control of your career with these practical tools.

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Job Search Strategy Exercise Workbook

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Having a job search strategy can help you find meaningful work.


Searching for a job can be a challenge but with a strong job search strategy, you can improve your experience and reach your career goals sooner.

This workbook provides a series of consecutive exercises to support you in developing a strategic plan to obtain work.

Key topics include a strategy checklist, accountability tracking, marketing for professionals, and defining your value proposition for potential employers.

Take control of your job search using this engaging workbook.

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Cover Letter and Résumé Writing Handbook

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Impress potential employers with your cover letters and resumes.


The standards for cover letters and resumes have changed and enhancing your writing skills can make a big difference in your job search.

Based on the latest research, this handbook provides CPAs and other business professionals with easy-to-follow guidelines for strategic cover letters and resumes.

Key topics include meaningful content, controlling your narrative, applicant tracking systems, tips for structuring content, and mistakes to avoid.

Elevate your cover letters and resumes with this practical handbook.

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Interview Preparation Guide

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Ace your next job interview.


Job interviews have changed and enhancing your interview skills can help you stand out.

This guide is designed to help CPAs and other business professionals strategically prepare for job interviews.

Key topics include virtual interviews, preparation checklists, body language tips, salary negotiation tips, and exercises to manage the emotions that come with interviews.

Ensure you’re ready for interviews with this essential guide.

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Be Future Ready With CPA Build


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Discover what it takes to access opportunity.

Some career transitions happen abruptly due to disruption or change that are largely outside of one's control. Other transitions happen more by design, based on: normal career lifecycle changes and evolution; and/or desired leaps in contribution, levels of responsibility, and/or new or expanded outlooks. While each CPA’s career journey is unique, there are some fundamentals required to successfully navigate transitions and build your career.

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