Career Development Tools

Become highly skilled in emotional and career intelligence

The digital revolution is creating a need for CPAs to be highly skilled in the areas of emotional and career intelligence, among other future-ready skills.

You can use career assessment tools to discover skills gaps, create development plans, build or improve working relationships, and make important career decisions that will set you up for success.

Employers can also use the assessment tools to develop and evaluate team learning plans, prepare emerging leaders, address potential issues, and benchmark team and organizational competencies.

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Emotional Intelligence
What’s your level of emotional intelligence, and how does that impact your work and life? Find out your EQ score and consider areas of improvement.

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The value of career development tools

For Employers


Learning plans - Develop and evaluate team learning plans for competence and communication.


Future leaders - Prepare emerging leaders for future leadership positions.


Potential issues - Identify possible personality conflicts and address problems.


Benchmarks - Assess team and organizational competencies to identify training needs, evaluate current programs, and develop inclusive practices.

For Individuals


Leadership capacity - Learn how to improve your interpersonal and leadership skills, communicate more effectively, and manage stress better.

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Career decisions - Develop greater self-awareness to support job targeting and career decisions.


Relationship-building - Learn how to work with individuals who have different values, work styles, and personality traits than yourself.

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Conflict resolution - Resolve disagreements quicker, boost your empathy, and strengthen your conflict resolution skills.

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