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CPA Build© is a self-directed career reflection and future-readiness program, based on the CPA Build© ACCESS-BRIDGES framework.

Designed as a suite of reflection and resource modules, CPA Build© helps you think strategically and holistically about your career. It offers a comprehensive framework to self-check your proficiency and future-readiness, and to create or update a personalized learning plan.

Free for Alberta CPAs, CPA Build© provides career transformation support and an agile learning experience that is tailored to you and your circumstances; a one-size-fits-one approach!

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What is CPA Build?

Learn about CPA Build and how this program was pivotal in a CPA's career journey.

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Discover what it takes to access opportunity

While each CPA’s career journey is unique, there are some fundamentals required to successfully navigate transitions and build your career.

The first part of the CPA Build© framework is based on the word ACCESS as an acronym, to help you consider six core aptitudes that CPAs must cultivate to access opportunity.

Bridge from Alberta

Determine your readiness to bridge gaps

Some career transitions happen abruptly due to disruption or change that is largely outside of one's control. Other transitions happen more by design, based on:

  • normal career lifecycle changes and evolution; and/or
  • desired leaps in contribution, levels of responsibility, and/or new or expanded outlooks

The second part of the CPA Build© framework centers on the word BRIDGES as an acronym, to focus on the kinds of outward- and future-facing considerations needed to deliver value in a fast-changing world. It guides you through tailored reflections for each element, to help ensure your bridges are sound.

CPA Build Reviews

CPA Build© has exceeded my expectations. It has been such a privilege to participate as it’s robust wealth of resources has revealed knowledge gaps and helped me to set goals to navigate this profession. The program is amazing and will benefit all CPAs.”

Olukemi Antonio CPA, CGA, FCCA (UK)

Olukemi Antonio CPA, CGA

“I absolutely loved CPA Build©. It came at a perfect time in my career. This framework was absolutely pivotal for me (and can be for any CPA).”

Darrell Matthews CPA, CMA, CIA

Darrell Matthews CPA, CMA

“This isn’t just for those going through transitions, it’s useful for anyone at any point in their career. CPA Build© has been extremely useful for me.”

Carla Jackman CPA, CMA

Carla Jackman CPA, CMA



A Renewed Sense of Control

Gain peace of mind as you plan your next career steps and keep your skillset in top form. At a minimum, use CPA Build© to plan for your annual CPD declaration by determining meaningful goals and skill development for the year ahead. If you already have a learning plan, it can help you sharpen your focus.


Career Support

Each reflection exercise within the CPA Build© framework includes links to relevant career support, advisory services, and/or learning resources. For any gaps you uncover, it can help you determine where to start and decide your next steps.


Solutions to Challenges

The CPA Build© framework is practical and solutions-focused.

It offers perspectives to help you create value, shape your career, and become future-ready. You’ll come away with a one-size-fits-one career plan, in time or in anticipation of the career transitions and transformations you're facing.

Features of CPA Build©

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Future-ready reflections:

Each module of the framework contains a topic overview, an optional 'closer look' for an expanded consideration of that topic, plus an option 'deeper dive' for topic-specific links to further learning and development resources.

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Self-test recap:

Concluding each part of the framework (Part I: ACCESS and Part II: BRIDGES), is a short self-test recap, with auto-generated feedback and suggestions, depending on your answers. It’s all about helping you to gain focus for your development.

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Discussion forum:

The program offers a built-in discussion forum, where you can exchange insights, helpful thoughts, and ideas with others. 

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Personalized learning plan:

The program concludes with a final one-page proficiency self-check and a quick guide to create your personalized learning plan.

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Agile and self-paced:

The program can be completed in a few hours, at your pace and convenience. Or you can take your time and take advantage of the many resource links. You can save your progress and return at any time. 

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CPD requirements:

The modules in the program may qualify for up to 10 hours of your annual unverifiable CPD requirements, depending on how much can be considered new learning.

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We think so! The pace of change facing organizations today is swift. CPAs are often expected to protect, steward and lead their organizations. CPA Build© supports your thoughtfulness and consideration, so that you are future-ready, whatever that looks like for you.

This depends on the stage and needs of your career. Most module topic overviews are very brief. You can choose to spend more time on a topic for a closer look, a more expansive consideration of that topic, and/or a deeper dive into topic-specific, select resources.

It’s an agile experience that you can stop and start, skim or dig deep, depending on your needs. The basic framework begins with an overarching lens on Value Creation, then a module for each of the elements of ACCESS and BRIDGES, and a self-test recap at the end of each of those sections. The aim is to help you consider your future-readiness across multiple dimensions, all as input to your final plan.

The CPA Build© program is intended to be completed at your pace and convenience, to support your career needs and aspirations. You can save your progress and return at any time. At the end, you’ll want to invest some reflection time to pull it all together into your one-page, at-a-glance proficiency self-check. Based on this, you’ll be able to set priority and finalize your learning plan.

The modules in the program may qualify for up to 10 hours of your annual unverifiable CPD requirements, depending on how much can be considered new learning. The resources include links to many sources of verifiable CPD that may be relevant for you.

CPA Build© is designed to help you anticipate and prepare for career transitions and transformations or simply show up at your best.

You can revisit CPA Build© as often as you wish in order to take pause and reflect on future-readiness and shifting dynamics. Revisiting it every 3-6 months or at least once/year will help you actively shape your career and stay in the driver's seat of your future.

CPA Build© is free for Alberta CPAs and candidates. Non-members can access the tool for $295 + GST.

How did CPA Build© impact your career?

We asked this question to 50 CPAs who were part of the pilot program, and these were some of their answers:

“CPA Build© helped me gain control during times of change.”

“I feel I can now quickly adapt to change.”

“Now I know how I can avoid becoming complacent.”

“I’m excited about the future.”

“I gained clarity and vision.”

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What changes are happening now, and what is yet to come?

Through a review of current research and consultation with CPAs and experts, CPA Alberta has summarized key findings and what this means for CPAs; a necessary background to your career-building efforts.

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