Career Development Mentorship

The image features a bold graphic with a blue background. At the top, there's a crane hook symbolizing construction or development. Centered in the image is a three-dimensional, stylized representation of the letters "CPA" in green, with each letter partially overlapped by the next. Below the CPA design, the word "Mentorship" is written in large white letters. Beneath this, a phrase "BUILDING BRIDGES BETWEEN CPAS" in capital white letters against a blue banner reinforces the message of connection. The overall design suggests a theme of construction and growth, likely relating to building professional relationships in the context of CPA mentorship.

Building Bridges Between CPAs

Our Career Development Mentorship program seeks to build meaningful connections between CPAs to foster growth, learning, and professional advancement. Through mentorship opportunities, our program facilitates the creation of meaningful relationships within the CPA community. The aim is to bridge the gap between experienced CPAs and those seeking guidance, knowledge, and support in their professional journey. The program creates communication, collaboration, and learning pathways, leading to mutual growth and development. Mentors and mentees are matched based on their preferences, which include culture, heritage, geography, gender, parental status, and more.

Please note: If you are a CPA Candidate seeking a mentor for your practical experience requirements, please visit: Practical Experience.

Mentorship Program Brochure

Mentee Testimonial

Program Highlights

  • An opportunity to be matched based on your preferences regarding career, background, and personal priorities
  • Training provided on mentorship relationships and diversity
  • The opportunity to develop leadership and relationship-building skills
  • Ongoing support from the mentorship coordinators
  • A minimum time investment of three (3) hours per month

Become a Mentor or Mentee

Registration for mentees and mentors in CPA Alberta's Career Development Mentorship Program opens in May.

Program Benefits

Mentee Benefits

  • Career advice related to new positions, career changes, and career progression
  • Explore different ways to bring your authentic self to the workplace
  • Formulate realistic career goals
  • Increase your knowledge of sectors and industries
  • Improve skills such as: relationship-building, conflict resolution, and engaging with leadership
Mentor and Mentee Walking

Mentee and Mentor Talking

Mentor Benefits

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Impact and inspire mentees
  • Provide career advice and guidance
  • Share relevant knowledge
  • Improve relationship-building skills
  • Learn and hear about new perspectives from your mentee
  • Training may qualify for CPD

Call 780.424.7391 or Toll free: 1.800.232.9406

Further program details are sent to applicants after registration.

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