Career Development Mentorship

Career Develpment

The Career Development Mentoring Program matches a CPA mentor to a CPA mentee for a 10 month relationship. Acknowledging that a CPA’s career is not only limited to their technical skills, the program is designed for CPAs to bring their full self to mentorship to learn how to bring their whole selves to work. The CPA Mentorship Program allows mentees to connect with mentors who have the experience and knowledge to face and overcome challenges. Learn from Mentors who are in leadership positions and have transitioned their careers into new fields or have overcome barriers to achieve their career success.

If you are a CPA Candidate looking for a mentor related to your practical experience requirements, please click here.

Benefits of Career Mentorship include:

  • Being matched based your job preferences, diversity, and personal priorities
  • Extensive training on mentorship relationships and diversity
  • Access to an exclusive mentorship resource platform
  • Developing a goal-oriented career plan
  • Exploring relationship building skills
  • Career advancement tools and advice
  • Support from and resources from Mentorship Program Coordinators 

Application and Matching Process

The Career Development Mentorship Program starts in November of each year. The intake process occurs during the summer and the fall and is a 10-month commitment. CPA Alberta provides two, two-hour training workshops on mentorship at the beginning of the program and new this year, a two-hour training session on diversity, equity and inclusion.

CPA Alberta’s is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion. The mentorship program facilitates conversation to include diverse experience, abilities, backgrounds and perspectives to allow people to bring their authentic selves to mentoring. Mentors and mentees have the option to match based on preference for shared language, culture, heritage, geography, gender, parental status, and more.

All information disclosed by mentors and mentees is confidential to the mentorship program and will only be used for the internal matching process.

Mentorship Roles

Why Become a Mentor?

  • Develop leadership skills;
  • Impact and inspire mentees;
  • Provide career advice, guidance, and share relevant knowledge;
  • Improve relationship building skills;
  • Learn and hear about new perspectives from your mentee; and
  • Challenge your perceptions related to inclusion of diverse backgrounds.
Mentor Application Form

Why Become a Mentee?

  • Explore different ways to bring your authentic self to the workplace;
  • Career advice related to new positions, career changes and career progression;
  • Formulate realistic career goals;
  • Increase your knowledge of sectors and industries; and
  • Improve enabling skills including relationships, conflict resolution, and engaging with leadership.
Mentee Application Form

Registration Process

  • Complete the online form depending on your mentorship role.
  • Review the Career Development Mentorship Program Principles and Guidelines.
  • Complete an intake call with a program advisor.
  • Attend the virtual online mentorship training in November Attend the virtual online Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training in December.

Once you register, you will be provided with an estimated time for when a suitable match will be made and information about the recommended training sessions.

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Mentorship Intake closes on October 15

Questions? Email or call 780.424.7391 (toll free: 1.800.232.9406)

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