Career Development Mentorship

I enjoyed helping support and encourage my mentee through difficult and challenging times in their career.
Justin Wong CPA, CA Mentor

CPA Alberta supports CPAs and CPA candidates through two mentorship programs:

  • The Career Development Mentoring Program focuses on assisting CPAs in developing a relationship that can yield insights and opportunities to expand one’s knowledge of career options, develop or improve upon work-related soft-skills for career progression, and to achieve meaningful goals. Mentors provide advice and guidance, as well as share relevant knowledge, perspectives, and experiences with the Mentee.
  • The Professional Experience Requirement (PER) Mentorship Program is the mandatory program for CPA candidates to meet their practical experience requirements, formal education and the Common Final Examination (CFE), the CPA certification program requires CPA candidates to complete a term of relevant practical experience. The standards for practical experience apply to certification for entry into the profession only. For more information on the CPA PER program, please click here.

The CPA Alberta supports the Career Development Mentorship Program to further CPA and CPA candidate's in all stages of their careers. We foster professional relationships between Mentees and Mentors based on requested support.

The Mentorship Program starts in November each year, and the intake process occurs during the summer and the fall, and is a one-year commitment. We provide a half-day training workshop on mentorship at the beginning of the program and a mid-year session.


  • Develop leadership skills;
  • Impact and inspire mentees;
  • Provide career advice, guidance, and share relevant knowledge;
  • Improve communication skills; and
  • Learn new perspectives.


  • Career advice related to new positions, career changes and career progression;
  • Formulate realistic career goals;
  • Increase your knowledge of sectors and industries; and
  • Improve soft skills.

Registration Process

  • Download the Mentorship Handbook and review the program policies and guidelines located in Chapter 1.
  • Download and complete the enclosed personal information registration form.
  • Submit a career summary or resume and your completed form with your digital signature to
  • Complete an intake call with a program advisor.
  • Create a mentor/mentee introductory statement.
  • Attend in-person training session in Calgary or Edmonton.

Once you register, you will be provided with an estimated time for when a suitable match will be made and information about the next mandatory training session.

Questions? Email or call 780.424.7391 (toll free: 1.800.232.9406)

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