Designation Use for Members

How do I use the new CPA designation?

All members in good standing, including those retired, are granted the CPA designation. Note that designation usage for firm names is different than personal usage.

For the first 10 years, members can use the new CPA designation in conjunction with their legacy designation or simply continue to use the legacy designation alone.

For example:

  • John Doe CPA, CMA; or
  • John Doe CMA
  • Jane Smith CPA, CGA; or
  • Jane Smith CGA
  • Richard Roe CPA, CA; or
  • Richard Roe CA

After this 10-year period has concluded, (July 1, 2025) the CPA designation can be used on its own, adding a third option.

For example:

  • John Doe CPA

These rules apply to all legacy designations.

Members who hold more than one legacy designation and choose to “tag” should only use the CPA designation once.

For example:

  • John Doe CPA, CMA, CGA, CA

Using the US CPA designation in Alberta:

Members who hold a CPA designation from the United States and have been approved by CPA Alberta to indicate that designation must do so in the following manner: Name, Canadian Designations, US CPA Designation (State, USA).

For example:

  • John Doe CPA, CMA, CPA (New York, USA);
  • Jane Smith CPA, CGA, CPA (Texas, USA);
  • Richard Roe CPA, CA, CPA (Illinois, USA)

Members who hold the fellowship designation (FCMA, FCGA, FCA) automatically receive the FCPA designation.

Any candidates who successfully complete the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) will be entitled to use the CPA designation alone.
Using the CPA designation in a firm name
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