Mentorship FAQs for Candidates

You must meet with your mentor at least two times every twelve months to discuss your competency development (as recorded in your Experience Reports) and to identify any strategies for further development. Meetings may be in-person, by phone or other through other forms of communication, such as Skype or Facetime, but they must be synchronous.

Login to PERT and follow these steps:

  1. From the main page, click ‘Mentor Reviews’
  2. Click ‘Request Review’
  3. Click ‘Create’ to request a mentor review.
    Note: You are likely to meet with your mentor more frequently than twice a year. These additional meetings can either be accomplished outside of PERT (it is not a requirement to log every meeting) or using this functionality.
  4. The ‘Mentor Review’ will appear with a ‘Status’ of ‘Requested’ under the ‘Mentor Reviews’ tab.
  5. You are then required to contact your Mentor outside of PERT to schedule a date and time for the meeting.

After the meeting, your mentor will document the results of that meeting with information such as the date and time, the topics discussed, along with any development concerns.

Mentors are required to document any unresolved competency development concerns within PERT, but are not responsible if those competencies are not developed as expected.

No, the ‘Request Review’ option under the ‘Mentor Reviews’ tab will only become available at least one of the experience reports in your profile have a ‘Verified’ or ‘Reviewed’ status.
If you do not have the ‘Request Review’ option under the ‘Mentor Reviews’ tab, check the status of your experience reports. If you do not have at least one report with a status ‘Verified’ or ‘Reviewed’, you will not have the option to request a mentor review.
No, your mentor does not assess or approve your experience report. Your mentor will discuss the contents of your report and provide guidance. CPA Alberta will assess the report for which you have requested a Profession Assessment, in order to determine which competencies and/or duration you are satisfying in that report.
A minimum of two (2) Mentor Reviews must be completed in PERT for every twelve (12) months of current practical experience reported. If you do not have the required number of Mentor Reviews when you submit your final Profession Assessment upon completion of your Practical Experience , your required duration will be extended by one (1) month for every Mentor Review missed. This consequence will be imposed by CPA Alberta upon completion of your profession assessment. This will be communicated to you in the Profession Assessment comments and imposed as of the date the Profession Assessment is completed. Note that if you are currently unemployed, your period of unemployment is not subject to the Mentor Review requirement. Prior experience is also exempt from the Mentor Review requirement.
To change your mentor, login to PERT, click ‘Edit Profile’, and delete your previous mentor’s email address in the ‘Mentor Email’ field. Then add your new mentor’s email address and save the change.
If you are a PPR candidate and you receive the ‘Mentor does not belong to selected Organization’ error message when adding your mentor, request that your mentor login to PERT, click ‘Edit Profile’, and add their organization to the ‘Mentor Organization’ field. Once this has been completed, you will be able to add your mentor. For assistance with any other error messages in PERT that you may get when trying to enter your mentor’s information (both EVR and PPR candidates), please email
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