CPA Preparatory Courses

What are CPA preparatory courses?

CPA preparatory courses* are a suite of 14 courses that provide all knowledge requirements for admission to the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP).

Designed with the working professional in mind, courses are offered on a part-time basis and combine online learning and self-study with options for in-class sessions. Students complete only those courses they require.

Type Minimum Grade Requirement Course Description
Non-core 50% Introductory Financial Accounting
Non-core 50% Introductory Management Accounting
Non-core 50% Economics
Non-core 50% Statistics


50% Business Law
Core 60% Information Technology
Core 60% Intermediate Financial Reporting 1
Core 60% Intermediate Financial Reporting 2
Core 60% Advanced Financial Reporting
Core 60% Corporate Finance
Core 60% Audit and Assurance
Core 60% Taxation
Core 60% Intermediate Management Accounting
Core 60% Performance Management

*Core courses must have been completed within 10 years of application for admission to the CPA PEP.
*An overall average of 65% in the core prerequisites is required for CPA PEP admission.

Preparatory Entrance Requirements

  • One year (30 credit hours) of post-secondary in any discipline, diploma or degree program offered by any recognized post-secondary institution; or
  • Three years of relevant work experience (exposure to accounting and/or finance functions)

Note: Students are required to complete a degree before admission to the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP).

Why Preparatory?

  • Flexibility: Online delivery is ideal for those students who are working or plan to be in the near future.
  • Cost: Preparatory course fees include course materials, no textbooks need to be purchased.
  • Efficiency: Some topics that require two university courses can be covered in one preparatory module. The modules are condensed in order to focus on material that will be relevant for the CPA program.

Enrollment Process

  1. Create a CPA profile
  2. Enter your post-secondary information
  3. Request a transcript assessment
  4. Submit post-secondary transcripts for evaluation*
  5. Enroll in CPA preparatory courses
  6. Register for courses
Create a CPA Profile

* Based on the results of your assessment, you may need to take additional prerequisite courses through CPA preparatory courses or from a recognized post-secondary institution.
** Once your program admission application is approved, your final step is to register for any PEP or preparatory courses you are required to complete, when registration opens for those courses. Log into My CPA Profile, select Program Admission, then select Module Registration.

Read the detailed Program Enrollment Guide

**Your assessment will indicate which prerequisites you are missing for CPA PEP. You can meet the missing prerequisites is by enrolling in the appropriate CPA preparatory courses. Alternatively, you can complete your missing prerequisites at a post-secondary institution in Alberta.

Fees and Schedules

Please visit the CPA Western School of Business website for information about fees and course schedules.


  • For more information, please visit: CPA Western School of Business, or call. 1.866.420.2350.
  • If you have questions or queries about applying to CPA preparatory courses (including assessments, eligibility, prerequisites, and employment), please
  • If you have questions or queries about enrolling in Core 1 (including transfers, withdrawals, schedule and key dates, accommodations, and evaluations), please
  • Can't find what you are looking for? Speak with an advisor toll free at 1.800.232.9406 or email
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