CPA Enrolment Process

  1. Create a CPA profile
  2. Enter your post-secondary information
  3. Request a transcript assessment
  4. Submit post-secondary transcripts for evaluation*
  5. Enroll in the Professional Education Program (CPA PEP)
  6. Register for CPA PEP modules
Create a CPA Profile

* Based on the results of your assessment, you may need to take additional prerequisite courses through CPA preparatory courses or from a recognized post-secondary institution.
** Once your program admission application is approved, your final step is to register for any PEP or preparatory courses you are required to complete, when registration opens for those courses. Log into My CPA Profile, select Program Admission, then select Module Registration.

One of the many benefits of creating a CPA profile is invitations to exclusive events and networking opportunities hosted by the profession. 

Attend an Information Session

Information sessions provide details about the CPA program requirements as well as the enrollment process. View the schedule.

Fees and Schedules

Please visit the CPA Western School of Business website for information about fees and course schedules.


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