Report Your Experience

Candidates can gain experience through either the Pre-approved Program route or the Experience Verification route, or a combination of both.

Although reporting requirements differ depending on whether Candidates are in the Pre-Approved Program route or Experience Verification route, there are five common requirements:

  • Candidates must gain relevant paid employment that is progressively challenging to develop as a professional accountant.
  • Minimum duration of 30 months; this includes an allowance of up to 20 weeks of time away from work (including vacation time).
  • The period of practical experience cannot begin until the Candidate has a CPA mentor.
  • In a Pre-approved program, the program leader will assign Candidates the required experience.
  • In the Experience Verification route, the Candidate's supervisor will verify that experience documented in PERT report is factually accurate. This supervisor does not need to be a designated accountant.
  • Once the Candidate registers with CPA Alberta, the Candidate will gain access to PERT.
  • The experience report details the duration of the experience, the type of experience being gained and the Candidate's assessment of this experience.
  • Candidates' gained experience is self-assessed at least twice a year and discussed with his/her CPA mentor.
  • Reporting covers both technical competencies and enabling competencies.
  • Candidates will meet with their CPA mentor at least semi-annually to review progress against set required competencies.
  • At key milestones, the experience reports must be reviewed by CPA Alberta.

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