New Certification Program


CPAs have an unparalleled depth of knowledge in accounting. They are ethical decision makers with high standards, strong technical competencies, and a drive to protect the public.
Developed during unification, the certification program has built the skills of thousands of CPAs for nearly a decade. But, like most things in the business world—including accounting standards!—evolution is necessary.

Innovative technology, new and emerging business and societal needs, and changes in the way we teach and learn mean it’s time to refresh the pre-certification learning process.

The new program will be relevant, attractive, and innovative. Future CPAs will complete rigorous principles-based learning that keeps pace with the realities of modern business. The legacy of the CPA profession and the public’s trust will be protected thorough assessments—yes, high-stakes summative examinations will remain!—and practical experience components, which will be integrated throughout the program for a more holistic and complete development of competencies.

What does this mean for you?

Current CPAs: Know the rigour, high standards, and respect associated with your profession are not changing and will remain of utmost importance.

Future CPAs: Continue to feel confident studying to become a CPA under the current program. When the new Certification Program is ready for implementation, all candidates will be fully supported to continue their journey to being designated.

Accounting educators: Enjoy even great flexibility in program delivery with the new pre-certification admission requirements.

Employers: Be rest assured candidates will bring future-ready skills to the workplace.

What's next?

After much hard work and extensive consultation, the profession has completed the design phase of a new Certification Program and is moving into the build phase. It is anticipated the new program will be implemented in early 2027.

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