Pre-Approved Program

These programs have already been reviewed and approved by the profession, thus the reporting process is streamlined.

  • The required technical sub-competency areas are already populated into the Candidate's experience report in PERT. Candidates are responsible for self-assessing their proficiency against these areas, as well as answering the enabling competency questions.
  • Each program is the responsibility of the designated Pre-approved program leader.
  • Before experience reports are assessed by the profession, they must be certified by the Pre-approved program leader.

Visit the Experience Assessment page for more details on the frequency of reporting in PERT and how to submit reports.

Practical Experience Requirements Overview videos


Practical Experience Requirements Overview for PPR Candidates in Public Accounting
Practical Experience Requirements Overview for PPR Candidates in Industry

Key points to remember:

  • Ensure that your report dates don't overlap
  • Leave should be calculated and reported accurately
  • All required mentor reviews must be documented
  • The chargeable hours form should be signed by the program leader and attached (if in public accounting) to the final report in PERT
  • Enabling competencies need to be answered fully
  • An assessment must be requested at either completion of your experience or when you change your job

What is considered leave?

All Candidates are allowed to claim up to 20 weeks of leave within their 30 months of practical experience. Leave represents any time away from work for any reason, including vacation, sickness, professional development, and study days.

CPA Public Accounting Chargeable Hours Submission Form

This form is only to be completed by Candidates who are reporting CPA practical experience through the online Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT), are employed with a registered public accounting firm and need to report chargeable hours.

Prior Experience fact sheet

The above document provides a quick reference guide on prior experience and what you need to know as a Candidate.

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