Advanced Resilient Leadership Certificate Program

Toxic workplace cultures are well-defined and ravaged workers are leaving in pursuit of better places to work. Would you like to make your corporate culture the place everybody wants to join? Do you want “ready to use” ideas to improve culture? Are you willing to try some experiments to improve your culture?

Building a team has never been harder than it is right now, but every person’s actions count. You also do not need to be a formal leader with a fancy title to have a profound impact because change happens one person or moment at a time. Culture is always changing and evolving. Our job is to continually adapt, respond, learn, adjust, and keep going.

This program is an integrated set of reflections and practical exercises for anyone interested in creating a culture where people can thrive and do their best work. If you want to learn some new ideas to invigorate energy and build more humane and exciting places to gather and work this program is for you. Each course “Starts at Start” and offers at least 10 useable ideas you can use today.

This program comprises of the following four courses:

  1. Brave Spaces and a Curious Mindset … Amp up the Learning
  2. From Success to Significance: Make Work Meaningful
  3. From Languishing to Flourishing: Decide to Be Happy at Work
  4. From Toxic to Terrific … Change Your Team for the Better!

You can take one, a select few, or all four courses in any order to start your journey to great workplace culture. Upon completion of all four courses, you will receive a certificate of completion.

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  • Learning method: Live virtual

  • CPD Hours: 14

Upon completing all four courses in this program, you should be able to:

  • Develop a game plan for creating and building trust, belonging, and optimism in yourself and your team
  • Bolster your gumption to lead boldly even when it is uncomfortable
  • Gather new insight about how to make the changes you try stick
  • Create psychological safety in your teams for learning, innovation, and growth
  • Have greater insight into the blocks that stop sharing and learning
  • Develop high trust teams where people feel great belonging to
  • Develop a game plan for building more meaning and fulfillment for yourself and your team
  • Develop a more contagious culture that attracts and retains the best employees.
  • Strengthen team purpose, resilience, and engagement
  • Take your team from languishing to flourishing
  • Create experiences that are enlivening and set the stage and create highlights your teams will remember
  • Inspire your team to commit to their own practices and habits that build more happiness


Image of Tammy Robertson sitting, facing the camera, and smiling

Tammy Robertson

Tammy Robertson has a Masters Degree in Physical and Health Education from the University of Western Ontario. She has an extensive and broad client base from finance, education, health care, oil and gas, and government to non-profit. Her work with trusted clients often evolves from a speaking engagement to ongoing consultation, in-house workshop facilitation, and leadership coaching to provide tools and practices that support a new culture of curiosity and accountability and a higher level of living and leading.

Tammy has taught at three universities, with over 1,000 hours teaching leadership for the Faculty of Continuing Education at University of Calgary. She has been a faculty member at The Banff Centre for Management in Banff, AB, and has worked with an international team of coaches delivering the Coaching for Great Work Program™.

Tammy was also a founder of RealTalk, a global community committed to improving communication and relationships one real talk at a time. Known for her impact and the ability to ignite positive change and renewed energy with people and organizations, she is also a frequent commentator in the media on workplace wellness and culture.


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