As a CPA, you are an expert in your field, but to stay ahead, you need to keep up-to-date on the latest standards and best practices. That's why the profession is launching CPA PRO, a suite of professional development courses specifically designed by the profession for CPAs. Authored by industry experts, courses focus on innovative and up-to-date best practices that are relevant to CPAs.


CPA PRO courses offer a balanced approach to professional development, with a focus on technical competencies, leadership topics, and updates on standards, legislation, and regulations. Whether you're looking to enhance your expertise, stay current with industry trends, or advance your career, CPA PRO will have you covered.

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CPA PRO offers you


What's best

Concise, high quality, relevant
information to serve you best

What's new

Rules. Regulations. Best practices. Our
courses help you stay up to date.

What's right

On demand. In person. Virtual.
Learn the way that's right for you.

What's different

By the CPA profession for CPAs. Be
supported by your professional community.



Relevant to CPAs

The first of its kind, CPA PRO is professional development specifically designed by the CPA profession for Chartered Professional Accountants. Authored by industry experts, CPA PRO focuses on innovative and up-to-date best practices.

Right for you

CPA PRO offers a broad range of technical, professional, and business courses on demand, in-person, and virtual options so you can learn the way that's right for you.

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Reach your potential

CPA PRO’s high quality courses can help you adapt to change, and advance your goals. Level up your career with support from your professional community.


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