Professional Development Courses

Professional Development tailored for Alberta CPAs

CPA Alberta is dedicated to providing high quality, life-long learning opportunities to help you and your team enhance your ability to adapt to today’s constantly changing business needs.

The PD program is structured to meet the needs of Alberta CPAs—from offering PD in an array of formats, including in-person, web-based, and executive programs, to ensuring a breadth of PD opportunities to help you strengthen both your technical and soft-skills. Our PD inventory includes topics on accounting and assurance, innovation and technology, health and wellness, team leadership, communication, and more!

Customized and group training are also available to help your team or organization reach their unique goals.

Web-based learning and Free Professional Development courses

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Video On-Demand series from CPA Alberta!

Access seminar recordings of a live in-person offering, along with corresponding seminar material. Simply watch the video and follow along at your own pace. Complete a short quiz at the end of the seminar for verifiable professional development hours.

Web-based learning CPA Alberta PD Portal

Experience CPA Alberta's online PD webinars for free! Explore a selection of our new and popular seminar topics, presenters, and online providers today.

Free PD courses
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