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Mentor Requirements

As a mentor, you are expected to provide guidance on the competency development of your CPA Candidate, and facilitate the development of his/her values, ethics, and attitudes.

Mentors must meet at least twice each year with candidates (in-person, via phone, Skype, etc.) to discuss competency development as recorded in the Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT) and to identify strategies for further development.

Mentors are required to document any unresolved competency development concerns within the PERT, but are not responsible if the candidate does not develop competencies as expected.

Practical Experience Mentor Requirements and Reporting Overview videos

Mentor Overview for those in Public Accounting
Mentor Overview for those in Industry

Candidate Requirements

Visit Understand the Requirements to learn more about the overall practical experience requirements for Candidates.

PERT User Guide for Mentors

The PERT User Guide is available to assist you in creating your experience reports within PERT.

PERT Portal for Mentors


Time Commitment

Mentors must meet at least twice each year with Candidates. The number of actual meetings and the time per-meeting is based on achieving learning outcomes.

Most Candidates will require less than 15 hours of mentorship per year with investment of time likely happening at the beginning of the relationship.

CPA mentors are volunteer-based positions. Verifiable CPD credits will be awarded for the completion of the mandatory orientation, as well as any or all of the complimentary webinars exclusively for our CPA mentors.

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