Mentor FAQs

Mentor FAQs

To support Candidates as they acquire the competencies expected of a Professional Accountant

Mentors must meet one of two qualifications:

  • A member (CPA, CA, CMA, CGA) in good standing
  • Successful completion of an orientation session delivered by the profession.

Mentors are expected to stay up-to-date on CPA practical experience requirements.

CPA mentors provide guidance on the competency development of Candidate, and models and facilitates the development of the profession’s values, ethics, and attitudes.

CPA mentors must meet at least twice each year with Candidates (in-person, via phone, Skype, etc.) to discuss competency development as recorded in the CPA experience reporting tool and to identify strategies for further development. While CPA mentors may also discuss competency development with the supervisor of the Candidate, they are expected to maintain confidentiality about their progress.

CPA mentors are required to document any unresolved competency development concerns within the CPA experience reporting tool, but are not responsible if the Candidate does not develop competencies as expected. CPA Mentors are not expected to:

  1. Verify the accuracy of candidate self-assessments or competency development
  2. Help candidates progress in pre-requisite education, CPA Professional Education Program, or CPA evaluations
  3. Find jobs for CPA Candidates
CPA Candidates must meet with their CPA mentor at least semi-annually. The number of actual meetings and the time per-meeting is based on achieving learning outcomes. Most CPA Candidates will require less than 15 hours of mentorship per year with investment of time likely happening at the beginning of the relationship.
The minimum term of practical experience is 30 months of relevant, paid employment. Ideally, a CPA mentor will stay with the CPA Candidate until that individual has completed his/her CPA practical experience requirements.

CPA mentors are volunteer-based positions. Verifiable CPD credits will be awarded for the completion of the mandatory orientation, as well as any or all of the complimentary webinars exclusively for our CPA mentors. Topics include mentoring techniques and effective coaching.

We anticipate many of these skills-based webinars will not only maximize the effectiveness of your relationship with a Candidate, but also improve your professional and leadership skills.

Candidates who are working towards their practical experience requirements through the experience verification route can have any qualified CPA mentor, regardless of industry or company. The success of the mentorship program is largely attributable to a successful match between CPA mentor and Candidate - working within the same company, industry or sector can increase the probability of a successful match.

Yes, as long as the mentoring relationship complies with the following:

  • The CPA mentor cannot be subordinate to the Candidate.
  • While the employer of the CPA candidate can be an audit client of a CPA mentor’s employer, the CPA mentor cannot be a part of the team assigned to the client.
  • CPA mentors cannot be a family member.

A family member means an individual’s spouse, common-law spouse, natural or adopted parent, sibling, natural or adopted children, natural grandchildren or a child legally adopted by the natural or adopted child of the individual such that the child is considered a grandchild of the individual.

Ideally, a CPA mentor will stay with the CPA Candidate until that individual has completed his/her CPA practical experience requirements. We appreciate situations may require a CPA mentor to stop mentoring a specific individual, or withdraw from the mentorship program all together. The profession will work with the Candidate and CPA mentor on a transition plan.
Meetings may be in person, by phone or other form of communications technology such as Skype or Facetime, but they must be synchronous. Written communication such as e-mail or text, does not qualify as a meeting. These latter forms of communication can provide additional support, if required.
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