PPR Employer FAQs

Program Managers

Enter the last date of their employment by clicking Employment Ended within PERT for the candidate(s), this will notify the provincial/regional body. Review the PERT Guide for Program Managers for instructions on Employment Ended. 

When candidates leave an organization they are required to update their employment information within three months of the change. This involves completing experience reports that relate to that organization and submitting a Change of Job CPA Review. When off-boarding candidates, it is recommended that you remind them of this requirement. Additionally, we recommend providing them with the leave they are to report for accuracy. 

Complete the Request for Addition/Change in Pre-approved Program Route Leader or Program Manager form if you would like to add or make a change. Send the completed form via email to ppr@cpaalberta.ca.

If you cannot see all of the candidates once you login to PERT, they have to create a PERT profile or update their PERT profile to indicate employment in your program. 

Once a candidate creates a profile in PERT and/or indicates employment in your program, you will receive an automated email to confirm the candidate’s employment information. Once you are logged in, you will be able to see a full listing of students who have indicated employment in your program. For more information, please refer to the PERT Guide for Program Managers

Email CPA Alberta’s Practical Experience Team at ppr@cpaalberta.ca.

Program Leaders

As a Program Leader, you are able to view the details of the candidates in your program(s) that have requested a CPA Review.

Candidates request a CPA Review when they are departing from your program or when they are ready for certification.

  • Review experience reports for completeness, accuracy, and reasonability.
  • Run the Consolidated Summary to see a full summary of what has been reported. 
  • Confirm the start and end dates are accurate and verify leaves taken.
  • Confirm that the candidate was appropriately mentored and supervised while in the program. 
    • If you select 'Disagree', please provide comments for the CPA Reviewer. 
  • For more information, please refer to the PERT Guide for Program Leaders

You can select 'Disagree' in the 'Pre-approved Program Leader Declaration' in PERT, which you will complete after you verify your candidate’s report.

If you select 'Disagree', you will be prompted to provide comments as to why you disagree, the CPA Review will be cancelled, and the candidate will receive an email with your comments. 

Email CPA Alberta’s Practical Experience Team at ppr@cpaalberta.ca.
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