Pre-Approved Program

Pre-Approved Program: Does It Work for My Company?

This document outlines the two different practical experience routes - Pre-Approved Program and Experience Verification - from an Employer's perspective. It highlights considerations for offering Pre-Approved Programs. 

How to become a Pre-Approved Program

If you are interested in becoming a Pre-approved program, please fill out the information gathering form and submit it to A member of the CPA Alberta Practical Experience team will contact you to initiate discussions.

List of Pre-Approved Programs

You will find a list of current Pre-Approved Programs here

Practical Experience Program Manager and Program Leader Overview videos

Program Manager and Program Leader Overview for those in Public Accounting
Program Manager and Program Leader Overview for those in Industry

Roles and Responsibilities

There are specific roles and responsibilities that fall within the Pre-approved Program Route:

Accountable to the provincial body for the training of candidates within the Pre-Approved Program (PPR):

  • Liaise with the mentors to ensure Mentor Meeting requirements are being met and documented within PERT.
  • Ensure candidates are meeting the progression requirements.
  • Provide a certification signoff for candidates who complete their experience or depart the PPR.

Monitor the status of all candidates within the Pre-Approved Program (PPR):

  • Assign a mentor to candidates in the PPR.
  • Confirm a candidate’s employment within PERT.
  • Indicate a candidate's Employment Ended date with the program within PERT. 
  • Follow up with candidates who have missed their reporting deadlines.
  • If enabled, Program Manager Verification (Data Check). 

Meet with candidates formally at least twice per year:

  • Provide guidance on technical and enabling competency progression.
  • Record discussion and details of the meeting within PERT.
  • Inform Program Leader/Manager about any unresolved concerns.

Must register with the CPA Western School of Business and have the following responsibilities within PERT:

  • Semi-annually, candidates must:
    • Self-assess proficiency in the technical and enabling competencies in PERT.
    • Request a Mentor Meeting in PERT, and meet with their mentor to formally discuss progression.
  • Submit a CPA Review in PERT upon completion of the program, or if they depart the PPR.

Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT) Guide for Employers

The PERT Guide for Program Managers, Program Leaders and Mentors is available to assist you with your responsibilities in PERT. 

CPA Public Accounting Chargeable Hours Submission Form

This form is only to be completed by Candidates who are reporting CPA practical experience through the online Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT), are employed with a registered public accounting firm and need to report chargeable hours. For PPR Candidates, the form must be signed by the Program Leader.

Request for Addition/Change in Pre-Approved Program Route Leader or Program Manager

This form is to be used to add or make a change in your organization’s Pre-Approved Program Route Leader (PPRL) or Program Manager (PM).

Questions? Contact:

PPR Employer FAQs

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