Become a CPA

What is a CPA?

CPAs are business leaders and financial experts who create value and provide strategic advice to help companies and other organizations succeed. Gaining the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation will secure the future you want.

Why become a CPA?

Be in Demand – Now and in the Future

CPAs have the skills and expertise that organizations need to succeed—today and in the future. Because earning your CPA combines business and finance fundamentals with important evolving skill sets like data analytics and new technologies like artificial intelligence, your expertise will always be valued.

Be Rewarded and Respected

CPAs have an exceptional reputation for their knowledge and integrity, and are part of an exclusive, regulated profession. That means there will always be plenty of career options, above-average salaries, and a path to rise to the top of organizations.

Be Able to Work Anywhere

The Canadian CPA designation is recognized around the world. In fact, over a thousand Alberta CPAs work outside of the country, including in the United States, Europe, Australia, the Caribbean, and more!

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On-Demand Information Session

Curious about how to become a CPA in Alberta? Check out the on-demand information session to learn the detailed step-by-step process to start your journey.

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Never Have I Ever CPA

No two (or three or four) CPAs are alike! In fact, we discovered over a friendly game of Never Have I Ever that CPAs are unique individuals with diverse experiences and some pretty cool stories. Check out our video series to learn more about CPAs, the designation, and the answers to many other burning questions.

Never Have I Ever Busted a Myth About Accounting

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