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Success can be achieved by the questions you ask, rather than the solutions you provide. Don’t underestimate the value of asking good questions.
Brian Hesje FCPA, FCA

Podcast logoWhat is the most innovative idea to date? How often do you ask yourself if there’s a better way of doing things? Can you differentiate between data information and wisdom? The Hesje CPA Knowledge Centre podcast asks these questions and more to knowledgeable Alberta CPAs. Tune in to get answers straight from the CPA’s mouth. 

Episodes focus on an illuminating question to spark conversation and end with participants posing another important question to the next guest(s).

Listen in to hear Alberta CPAs share their experience, knowledge, and insights on eye-opening topics such as leadership, business, education, finance, and more.

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Straight From the CPA's Mouth is produced by the CPA Education Foundation and is made possible by Brian Hesje FCPA, FCA. 

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