Pictured from left to right: David Amona, Kabir Lalani, Stephen Bergstrom, Joe Gagliardi, Ryan Gubic, Rachel Miller, Curtis Palichuk, Janine Rogan, Karen Lee, Dave Bodnarchuk, Michael Burnyeat, Yvonne Barthel. This photo was taken in February 2020 at Enoch, Alberta, where Foundation board members and Executive Director Rachel Miller were presented with plaques commemorating the No Limits initiative. 

CPA Education Foundation Board of Governors and Executive Director

Dave Bodnarchuk FCPA, FCA


Ryan Gubic CPA, CGA
Board Member

Joe Gagliardi FCPA, FCMA
Vice Chair

Kabir Lalani FCPA, FCGA
Board Member

Michael Burnyeat CPA, CA

Karen Lee CPA, CA
Board Member

David Amona CPA, CMA 
Board Member

Curtis Palichuk FCPA, FCA

Board Member

Yvonne Barthel CPA, CA Board Member

Janine Rogan CPA
Board Member

Stephen Bergstrom CPA, CMA
Board Member

Rachel Miller FCPA, FCA
Executive Director

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