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You need something to give you a purpose, and ultimately I think your responsibility is to create opportunities for people."
Brian Hesje FCPA, FCA

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Get to know Alberta CPAs in their many workplaces and areas of influence. See the diversity of their experiences. Learn about business, leadership, education, finance, and more as they share their knowledge.

From the Hesje CPA Knowledge Centre comes CPA Smart: a video series showcasing Alberta CPAs in their numerous contexts and imparting their distinct knowledge.

Take a look at what CPAs have to offer.



1: Brian Hesje FCPA, FCA

Former CEO and Chair of Fountain Tire, Brian Hesje FCPA, FCA, donated $1 million to the CPA Education Foundation to found the Hesje CPA Knowledge Centre. Learn about Brian, his experience, and why he wanted to give back.

2: Alyson Jenkins CPA, CA

Manager of Financial Reporting at Pembina Pipeline, Alyson Jenkins CPA, CA, is more than your average accountant. Placing first in the women's division of the Conquer the Wall Marathon in China, Alyson knows what it means to work hard and strive for the best--qualities she brings to both her work and play.

3: Dominique Lagloire-Galipeau CPA, CMA

After using her designation to work all over the world, Dominique Lagloire-Galipeau CPA, CMA settled in the majestic town of Canmore to be CFO of the Grizzly Paw Brewing Company.

4: Dave Minhas CPA, CA

Dave Minhas CPA, CA is the Managing Partner at Pivotal LLP based out of Red Deer, Alberta. Outside the office, Dave finds fulfillment by joining community boards to help make a positive impact in the lives of others.

5: Fiaz Merani CPA, CMA and Abidemi Akinloye CPA, CGA

SAIT instructors and founders of Business Beyond Borders Fiaz Merani CPA, CMA and Abidemi “Akin” Akinloye CPA, CGA take students to developing countries, and partner with them to teach businesspeople the skills and knowledge needed for success.

6: Career Building

Joe Gagliardi FCPA, FCMA, founding and managing partner of Recruitment Partners, teaches viewers about building a fulfilling and lasting career at any stage.

7: Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is quickly becoming one of the most valued skills in the workplace. David Niebach CPA, CGA, leader, negotiator, and mentor, explains what it is, why it's so important, and how to develop it.

8: Entrepreneurship

Jim Spenrath CPA, CA, managing partner of Three Trees Tap + Kitchen in Lloydminster, discusses starting a business, the nature of entrepreneurship, and the commitment it takes to have a successful enterprise.

9: Volunteerism

Salina Dharamsi CPA, CA has travelled all over the world volunteering with various organizations and for many different initiatives; see what she has to say about the personal and professional benefits of volunteering, and where to find the best place to help.

CPA Smart is produced by the CPA Education Foundation and is made possible by Brian Hesje FCPA, FCA.

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