Impact Award

Awarded annually and presented by the CPA Education Foundation, the Impact Award honours an individual for his/her contributions to the work and goals of the Foundation.

Eligibility Criteria

One (1) recipient will be selected annually. To be eligible for the CPA Education Foundation Impact Award, nominees must:

  • be actively involved in the Alberta business/accounting community, or have a record of past involvement;
  • have significant impact in enhancing the success of the Foundation in achieving its mission and vision (e.g. helping to promote and/or fundraise for projects, making a substantial donation, volunteering time to activities, encouraging colleagues to contribute to the Foundation through time or financial support and advocating for Foundation initiatives); and
  • demonstrate the ability to be considered a role model for other Alberta CPAs (or business leaders).

Past members of the CPA Education Foundation Board of Governors will be considered for this award only if they have been out of their role as CPA Education Foundation Board Member for more than two (2) years.


Any person may nominate an individual for a CPA Education Foundation Impact Award. The nomination deadline is February 1.

A nominator must:

  1. Fill out the online nomination form
  2. Provide name and full contact information for the nominee and the nominator
  3. Provide a letter answering the following questions:
    • Why is the nominee worthy of receiving the CPA Education Foundation Impact Award?
    • How does (or has) the individual impact the success of the Foundation in achieving its goals?
    • How has the nominee’s involvement with the Foundation made a difference?
    • Why is the nominee considered to be a role model for other CPAs in Alberta?
  4. Provide at least one (1) letter, from someone other than the nominator, supporting the nomination
  5. Sign and submit the online nomination package to the CPA Education Foundation.

If you have any questions about the nomination or selection process, please contact the CPA Education Foundation by email:

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