CPA Snack & Chat info sessions for employers

Assortment of snacks

You've got questions, we've got answers—and snacks!

Our Snack & Chat Info Sessions are an excellent opportunity for your staff to become familiar with the requirements of the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP). These presentations can also provide current CPAs with information and resources to better support their candidates along the path towards becoming a CPA.

During our Snack & Chat Info Sessions, we cover essential topics such as:

  • program prerequisites
  • the admission process
  • CPA PEP structure
  • practical experience requirements, and
  • available resources for CPAs, candidates, and employers. 

We are delighted to tailor the session to suit your specific audience. Plus, we provide delectable snacks for your group, enhancing the experience.

Snack & Chat Info Sessions are best-suited to groups of six or more. If your team is too small for a formal presentation, we will gladly facilitate small-group discussions or one-on-one advising in person or over the phone instead.

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Remote Sessions

We are pleased to present to your group remotely via video conference. Unfortunately we won't be able to bring snacks to online meetings, but we will have lots of great information to share.

CPAs with legacy designations

In 15 to 20 minutes, we will explain how the current CPA certification program differs from the program you pursued to obtain your CA, CGA, and/or CMA designation. Our goal is to provide a good understanding of the current program so employers with legacy designations can better support their CPA candidates. 

Workforce Professionals

This virtual session is suitable for companies of all sizes and in all industries, as long as they employ aspiring CPAs.

Internationally Educated Professionals and Job Placement Agencies

We will gladly visit your organization virtually to present to your clients who may be interested in becoming CPAs.

High School and Post-Secondary Students

We host presentations for high school and post-secondary students through our student recruitment program.


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