EVR Reporting Tips

Are you an Experience Verification Route (EVR) candidate who wants more information on how to complete your experience reports? We’ve got resources just for you!

  • Meet the CPA Alberta Practical Experience team: This blog post introduces you to CPA Alberta’s Practical Experience team, who will oversee your experience reporting and support the experience component of your journey to becoming a CPA.

  • The responsibilities of CPA candidates: If you’ve ever wondered what exactly you need to worry about as a CPA candidate, this blog post outlines your duties.

  • Core, depth, and breadth: To help EVR candidates map out their experience, this blog post provides information on what it means to achieve core, depth, and breadth.

  • Completing experience reports in EVR: If you’re looking for tips and tricks on how to complete your experience reports, this is the blog post for you! We look at best practices when working on your experience reports.

  • Completing your final experience report: Are you ready to submit your final experience report? Are you wondering what you need to do before you send it off? This blog post will help you out!
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