Registration Notices

CPA Alberta registrants must adhere to regulatory requirements and deadlines set in the profession's governing documents. These regulatory requirements include, but are not limited to, paying fees, reporting Continuing Professional Development, maintaining professional liability insurance (in the case of firms), etc.

Suspensions, Cancellations, Restrictions, Conditions, and Undertakings

Pursuant to section 55 of the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) Act and Bylaw 1501 and 1502 of the CPA Alberta Bylaws, when a Registrant’s registration is:

  • suspended;
  • cancelled; or
  • made subject to a:
    • restriction,
    • condition, or
    • undertaking, as it relates to Section 3 of the CPA Act (Requirements of Continuing Registration) or Section 4 of the CPA Act (Practice Review), the Registrar is required to publish notice of such.

Please note that notices relating to the complaint process under Conduct and Discipline can be found here.

Professional Service Providers (PSPs)

Current Suspensions

Current Cancellations

List of PSPs with Restrictions - None

List of PSPs with Conditions - None

List of PSPs with Undertakings - None

Professional Corporations

Current Suspensions - None

Current Cancellations

List of PCs with Restrictions - None

List of PCs with Conditions - None

List of PCs with Undertakings - None


Please note: Alberta Candidates registered in the CPA Profession’s Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) are registered with the CPA Western School of Business. To verify the status of a CPA PEP candidate please email All other candidate notices are provided below.

Current Suspensions

Current Cancellations

List of Candidates with Restrictions - None

List of Candidates with Conditions - None

List of Candidates with Undertakings - None

As a professional regulatory organization, our key mandate is to protect the public; therefore, we are happy to provide registrant verification.

To verify an Alberta CPA registrant, please visit: Verify a Member or Firm.

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