Resolve a Fee Dispute

CPA Alberta occasionally receives questions or complaints from clients of members in public accounting regarding fees charged for services rendered.

The Chartered Professional Accountants Act, CPA Alberta Bylaws, and Rules of Professional Conduct do not allow CPA Alberta to decide how much a member may charge for services. However, to help clients and members settle a disagreement, CPA Alberta offers a Fee Mediation and Arbitration Service.

This service is FREE, provided that both parties enter into the written fee resolution agreement, with all collection action ceasing.

Fee Mediation and Arbitration Service

This service provides a process to resolve fee disputes between members and clients, either through arbitration or mediation.

  • Arbitration is formal and, by prior agreement, binding on both parties, with no appeal.
  • Mediation is informal and not binding.

Both parties in a dispute must make a written request for either mediation or arbitration services.

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