Corporate Savings Program

Invest in Excellence

Invest in excellence with CPA Alberta’s Corporate Savings Program – the ultimate learning solution for advancing your team through affordable professional development.

Our extensive professional development options make this the most flexible learning program for professionals across your organization. Elevate staff retention and attract forward-thinking and growth-minded professionals by providing access to training that enhances their skills and unlocks their potential.

CPA Alberta’s new group savings program enables organizations to purchase their professional development with a discount of up to 30% off the regular price for a one-year period. Credits can be used for courses, conferences, and other select products and can be topped at any time.

How it works

The Corporate Savings Program offers three levels of savings:

Program Level




Discount off Regular Price

20% 25% 30%
Credit Purchased $2,500 $8,000 $13,500


Step 1: Determine your program level and corresponding credit option,

Step 2: Request a Corporate Savings Program from CPA Alberta,

Step 3: CPA Alberta will set up your program with your employees,

Step 4: Employees log into CPA Alberta’s PD Portal to register for eligible products using your program credits.

Everyone knows accountants don’t like change, so when the announcement that the passport program was being discontinued came out, there was a lot of uncertainty. With an abundance of help from the team at CPA AB we quickly realized the power of the new program. The service from the team at CPA AB was incredible and the ability to quickly view historical enrollments is incredibly useful. The end user experience of the portal is a vast improvement, and we are excited to continue with the new program.
Amber Courtoreille, EBT Chartered Professional Accountants

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