Supporting Donors

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The CPA Education Foundation thanks all donors for their generous support in helping fund business and accounting education across the province. Supporting Donors have donated up to $100 to the Foundation.

Diamond Adatia
Allen Anderson
Donald Archer
Graeme Arklie
Thomas Bell
Zarina Bhambhani
Shauna Bokenfohr
Jennifer Boychuk
Gary Braun
Clara Bristow
Nathan and Lauren Carlson
Carla Carnaghan
Hua Wei Chan
Casey Charleson
Fred Chen
Renate Clements
Danny Crawford
Labonneau Dey
Louise Diduch
Lawrence Dufresne 
Johannes Du Plessis
Ronald Eggen
Denine Fenrich
Finning Canada
Sanford T. Fitch
Rebecca Flynn
Beverley Forsyth
Elaine Friedrich
Helena Fung 
Carolyn Graham 

Mona Hale 
Elaine Hall
George Hazlett
Doug and Betsy Hickey
N. Hogan
Ada Hole
Robert Hoy
Ben Hsu
David Inhaber 
William Jacobson
Colleen Johansen
Frank Johnson
Alan Johnson
Randy Keck
Kenway Mack Slusarchuk Stewart LLP
Ian Kinnell
Janet Klimosko
Joyce Lam
Vance LeCocq
Jerome Lee
Simon Leung
Donald Lines 
Laura Mackisoc
Sylvia Madder
Therese Manale
Mary Marson-Troicuk
Hugh Moncrieff
Nadia Mursky 
John Musgreave 

Andre Nehman 
Terra Nickel
Jennifer O'Carroll
Ingrid Odegard
Rebecca Penner
Robert Prasow
Amy Richards
Mary Rockwell
Susan Rockwood
Brian Rolling
Darcie Sabados
Paul Seo
Ellisha Sharma 
Valerie Sinnott
Charla Smith 
William and June Stephen
Marlene Sutton 
Harry Taylor
Julia Tsang
Monte Tutschek
Judy Van Dorp
Linda Varro
Val Viveiros
Sonya Von Heyking
Shane Wanotch
William Whelan 
Charles Wilson 
Sheri Wise 
Donald Zinyk 

This list only includes donors who have agreed to have their names published. Please contact the Foundation at if you have any concerns.

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