The path to unification: the legislative process in Alberta

The Chartered Professional Accountants Act replaced the Regulated Accounting Profession Act – making it an historic piece of legislation for the profession in Alberta.

Proclaimed on July 1, 2015, the act established the CPA designation in Alberta and created a single, unified regulatory body for the CPA profession in the province.

CPA Alberta extends its appreciation to the Government of Alberta, and the Ministry of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour, for the support and leadership they provided in preparing the legislation and shepherding it through the legislative process.

There were many steps that needed to be taken before unification was completed in Alberta, and before designated accountants could begin using the CPA designation in the province. In 2015, a process began for members to vote on new regulations, bylaws and rules of professional conduct. Following successful votes on these items by CGAs, CMAs and CAs, the Government of Alberta proclaimed the Chartered Professional Accountants Act into force.

We thank all members for their support and patience through the process, and we will continue to keep members informed. 

Status of unification across Canada

Across Canada, the profession has recommended harmonized approaches to provincial legislation. As the profession is regulated provincially, however, each province is establishing its own unification legislation as it sees fit.

Currently, legislation to create the CPA designation and CPA organizations has passed in Quebec, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador.

More than 50 per cent of Canada’s professional accountants are currently using the CPA designation.

In Ontario and British Columbia, the right to use the CPA designation was granted to the profession without legislative changes being necessary. The CPA designation is also in use in Prince Edward Island.

Nationally, the Canadian CPA organization was created in January 2014 and CGA Canada joined that organization in October. Nationally and provincially, all legacy bodies are involved in unification.

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